Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Up down in and out

"Karimia we're broke."

I like watching the stock market sometimes. Not that I have much vested skin in the game. Moved what little nest egg I had before the storm hit to safer ground. But it is fun to watch this psychotic play unfold. On one side you have cheerleaders rooting for success while another group is rooting for failure. That never used to be. Somewhere along the line the breaks were disconnected, the governor was cast aside and now the markets can flow like the winds of a tornado. It's up and down, in and out, where she stops nobody knows. Nothing in the not too distant future can be good news. We seems to be on a slow motion crash course. We've been here before and it ain't pretty.

I remember back in high school when things were simpler. Only common and preferred stocks back then and easy to understand. A few types of bonds then and they could be confusing at times but for the most part you could wrap your head around the idea. Not so anymore. It's become so confusing that even these paper pushers don't understand what they're selling. When one of the richest men in the country tells you an investment is dangerous to an entire economy perk up your ears and listen. He didn't get there by chance but even he can be fooled some of the time.

"Capitalism! Free Markets! Low taxes! No Capital Gains Tax!" has become the rallying cry. Sorry but you can include me out as Yogi would say. I want no part of your crap game because what goes to Vegas tends to stay in Vegas and that'd be my money. And at the end of the day I don't have that much hair to sell. When they tell you "we're the most trusted investment house in the last 100 years" beware. Image is everything when selling worthless paper. Looking out for your financial future? I doubt it. No looking for the next bonus for their next Mercedes is more like it.

Not one word out of the Justice Department. Not one peep about the fraud and the payoffs and the robo signings. And so the game continues as if the cop on the beat was well paid off. If this is stretched long enough they'll all skate scott free. Statute of Limitations you know, seven years is it? So around 2014 or 15, 16 at the latest, they will have absconded with our dreams. But you think they care? They can bloviate about how terrible such misdeeds that have been hoisted upon us are but turn right around and continue the game as if only a minor inconvenience. And why not? They control the rule makers. The game is fixed in their favor. Just need to hold power long enough to retire in the Caymans and a Swiss account doesn't hurt either.

They say every dog has his day but I can only hope I live long enough to see it. Visions of banksters being perp walked to prison in suits we could never in our life time afford. So it's screw the rich, go to jail. Screw the poor get a bonus. Their time may come. They'll look great in orange.


BBC said...

Fuck, you'll never see many bankers go to prison, you're paying for their attorneys.

Randal Graves said...

Their time, unlike Zeppelin's, is never gonna come.