Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday a girl and her beaver

Cute photo eh?

Can't trust anybody these days.
From the following headlines from two different newspapers:
Fukushima radiation higher than first estimated
Chicago Tribune May 24,2012
UN says most Fukushima radiation doses below norms
Kansas City Star - May 23, 2012
Was something missed here? Ah but the powers that be have been playing with the facts for once if you click to the first article somehow the radiation levels magically dropped and all was safe with the world once again. The story scrubbed clean artfully sanitized so that there's nothing to see here move along.

I realize that things can change in a nanosecond in todays 24 hour news cycle but contamination of that nature doesn't magically drop without a gargantuan clean up effort and even then it would take decades and not 24 hours. But fear not the UN says it's safe and that's good enough for me. They wouldn't lie to us now would they?

But oops the truth leaked out when: "The eventual cost of the disaster has been estimated at more than $100 billion. Last week, Tepco said the radiation release from Fukushima's meltdowns was more than twice initial estimates".
And in connection with this coverup we have:Members of the panel appointed by parliament will likely grill Masataka Shimizu the head of Tepco (responsible for the nuclear plants). So I suspect Mr. Shimizu to be served on a wassabi roll with plenty of soy sauce and maybe a side of rice. Careful boys don't overcook him.

And then we have the bank shenanigans but I save that for another post.
And as usual bank fails later if I think about it.


BBC said...

That is a cute picture.

Randal Graves said...

What's radiation?

BBC said...

It seems that Seattle is a popular place to move to. That's great, damn sure don't want more monkeys moving here, they're fucking stupid.

You need to get some of your own nuclear plants.

Demeur said...

Graves has a "glowing" reputation.

Ya Billy we're beyond a zoo now. And with all the idiots on cell phones while driving ya either get shot buying a coffee at the local cafe or run over by somebody texting.

BBC said...

There's a lot of idiots here that think if we copycat Victoria or Hawaii that we'll get a bunch of tourist bucks here, that's how stupid they are here.

Victoria and Hawaii has a hundred year head start on us, we could never catch up to them and trying to do so is expensive these days.

What we need to be is a working class town, nothing wrong with that, back in the good old days this town boomed with working class people and downtown was full of bars, whores, and fun.

Jennifer said...

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