Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From the fast and the furious to the slow and placid

Not a whole lot going on but yet another revolution around the sun in our ever continuing saga of how the stomach turns. and for your amusement, or not, we have congress who , with nothing better to do trying to harass our judicial branch. Much like the bullies on the school yard with a lesser opinion of themselves and unable to lead they pick on the lesser. The new Rethuglicons work that way. Is this merely pandering to ignorance? A mild distraction when you know your plan is something that won't work. Sorry guys we've been down this road before it's filled with potholes and lined with abandoned foreclosed houses.

In other useless news we find Hosni Mubarak on deaths' bed. Must ask does that really matter in the grand scheme of things? Yet another distraction in a long line of distractions for those with too much time on their hands. What no more Elvis sightings?

On a tech level Micro Flaccid comes in yet again with it's latest incarnation of a tablet computer. Darn guys haven't you learned anything after that Zune thingy you tried to foist on the tech heads. Nothing like getting lapped by the competition when you showed up to the race 5 minutes late for the start. Don't try to tell me you can do so much more with it when you spend more time trying to fix the damn thing than using it. "Where do you want to crash today?"

Then there's the G (fill in your own number 8..10..20) summit where suited world leaders gather in some far off land to wring their hands about how screwed up things are even though it was them who caused the mess in the first place. All promising to make things better in the future. Better if you're one of the suited elite that is. For the rest of us common folk and lesser of the planet it's the promise of a blue ribbon panel to look into the matter. Maybe that's how they get all those "dressage" metals Mitt was talking about. Blue ribbons don't come cheap ya know.

And on the economy we have few buying much of anything because after all who has the cash? And if you do have the cash you're afraid you might be the one stuck when the music stops and the house of cards falls. Not quite as bad as a certain previous downturn but little bright are the horizons on this journey. More on that later in the week. In the mean time life goes on I guess. Just remember wherever you go there you are.


Randal Graves said...

Just remember, people probably taste like chicken.

BBC said...

We have a sparkly new Ford dealership and all the other car lots are full. Even the RV place is well stocked, and I don't see any of them trimming back on stock or going out of business.

Conclusion..... Things are great.

S.W. Anderson said...

I have no idea if the new MS tablets will be world beaters or also rans like the Zune. It's late to the party, as the Zune was, so it better offer real advantages in price and features, if it's going to be competitive with the iPad and better Android tablets.

Demeur, your attitude about Windows leads me to believe you had a bad time with Win 98 and never got over it. I've heard it's possible, with a lot of effort, to bring on a blue screen in Vista or Windows 7, but it's very, very rare. Your occasional comments about such problems are the only ones I hear any more. If you're happy with Apple products, fine. But let's compare current Apples to current Windows, not to the way things were a dozen or more years ago.

One thing I'm sure we can agree on: the fat cat in the photo knows how to get the best out of an afternoon.

The Blog Fodder said...

I'd trade my Windows 7 back for XP any day. The OS doesn't crash but the programs do. Have had to shut down and reboot more often than I like.
Am tempted to get one of these pad thingys if I can get away with not carrying my laptop with me everywhere. But most stuff I do needs a computer.

S.W. Anderson said...

Blog Fodder, if you're having trouble with programs crashing, you might need to do some housekeeping and see if updates are in order. I had an older PC that was having some problems along those lines. I finally broke down and did some maintenance. First, I did a total virus scan. Then, I did an image backup.

Next, I used AVG's PC Tools-type program to clean out duplicate and junk files, including tons of MS update install files no longer needed. I cleaned out some programs that were loading at startup that I don't need to have doing that. I uninstalled a few programs, defragmented the registry, then defragmented the hard disk. The PC was running noticeably faster, connecting to the Net faster.

I then installed the newest versions of three programs I had uninstalled, uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of others. A week later, I again defragmented the registry and hard disk. That PC still takes a long time to boot up, but once ready, it's running fast and smooth, and a couple of programs with a tendency to lock up under certain conditions aren't doing that any more.