Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday beaver and the news

Our beaver is busy today catching up on the latest news.

Something we've all been waiting years for George W. Bushs' head on a pike.
George you need a haircut. And I didn't know Dick Cheney took up the broad sword.

Them brown people all look alike right? Or so the republican party thinks as it placed some photos of asian folks on its' hispanic web page. Oh they're gonna love you come November. Y'all don't forgit ta cast yer ballots fer Mitt before ya git on the bus back to Mexico. Ya hear? An thanks fer following Mitts' self deportation plan.

And lastly - Just when you thought it was safe to eat anything:
WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration is urging food distributors, retailers and food service vendors to remove from the market oysters, clams, mussels and scallops imported from South Korea because of possible contamination with human waste and norovirus.
(So much for seafood platter for Dad this Fathers Day)

And the bank fails as usual later.
Momentary update: The bank fails don't come out until later but I thought I'd throw some financial news in for good measure.
Looks like you can steal from the poor but watch out if you think you can try that with the wealthy. A Goldman Sachs director is getting hard time for his shenanigans. Gupta convicted of fraud
And in other news the markets are jubilant over the thought that somebody went out for more cash when the crap game was low on funds i.e. Euro bailouts. Grab your chips while you can boys because eventually the printing presses will stop.

Neighborhood auto index stands at 10. (Anything below 10 is good news at 10 it's neutral)

And as promised the bank fails: Three hit the skids this week in GA FL and TN


Randal Graves said...

Seafood pretty much sucks anyway. Better go with the head on a stick.

BBC said...

I'm having seafood on my birthday.

Haven't you ever driven anything ran on propane? It's not as weak as you think it is, and gas won't be going down that much.

Demeur said...

Think I'll go for the beaver instead.

And yes I have driven a propane powered truck. It's not the power I was talking about it's the gas milage. In the 80s some companies switched their fleets to propane but then back again when gas went down.

Tom Harper said...

The GOP is getting Asians and Hispanics mixed up? Jeez. Asians are the ones that are always getting bombed on tequila and then pulling a switchblade on anyone and everyone. Meskins are good at math but they can't drive.

Did I get it right?

BBC said...

The gas mileage isn't that bad, you clearly don't know much about using propane that way, whenever it's a buck a gallon under the price of gas it's cheaper to use it, shut up.

BBC said...

BTW, they still sell a lot of propane kits and a lot of folks use it.

Demeur said...

You shut up it's 40% less efficient and that's a fact.

Kellnerancj said...

Seafood pretty much sucks anyway. Better go with the head on a stick.