Saturday, June 30, 2012

News you can't use and could probably care less about

You know it's a slow news day when most of the top headers are filled with which celeb wore what revealing outfit to which exclusive event. Or then there's the gaffes in the sporting world for all the guys. What's truly irritating is when a story is washed, rinsed and repeated the next day when it wouldn't affect the price of tea in China. And no you don't need to keep us posted about any developments because there aren't going to be any. When a guy is dead and the suspect killed himself neither is coming back to give more details and most times no body else knew why because they were always nice quiet guys, right?

Breaking News.....

Okay okay I know what you're thinking. Where the hell is all this going? Glad you asked because I don't know either but we'll keep you posted with developing updates.

Nope the real news can be boiled down to a couple of events over the past few days:
The Euro money printing presses went into overdrive and the gamblers in the game wet themselves with excitement.

Health care passed and republican heads exploded. How gleeful they were when they thought it didn't pass hence taking away juniors' much needed operation. These guys are sick.

The Highway Bill passed although the "No" party did their best to water it down and even tried to slip in another anti abortion amendment. Sorry people the road crews will be out force and working furiously to get er done before bad weather sets in. Tied to the same bill was student loans much to the relief of dads who now won't have to take a third mortgage on the house to pay for college.

Speaking of weather the bulk of the nation is frying with triple digit temps. My sources back east tell me 250,000 were without power yesterday due to the baking. All the while Colorado continues to burn. Humm, what Pyro gods did they tick off?

I'm sure there are better things to do but these days who has the cash? Any anyway you might just get shot and/or robbed in the process.

All right then just so you won't be disappointed:

Sheesh what ya have to do for a little attention these days. There ya satisfied?


BBC said...

Slow news day? Hell, there's heat waves, storms, fires, power outages and people getting killed, pretty exciting shit to me.

And I just stuffed myself with a birthday dinner, so think I'll take a nap.

Tom Harper said...

"Health care passed and republican heads exploded." Unfortunately, those GOP exploding heads are a pre-existing condition for which there is no coverage.

Anonymous said...

Slow news day? Hell, there's heat waves, storms, fires, power outages and people getting killed, pretty exciting shit to me.

And I just stuffed myself with a birthday dinner, so think I'll take a nap.

Life is gute

June 30, 2012 2:21 PM

S.W. Anderson said...

Weekend before the Fourth of July holiday, you can be sure media types have gone into underdrive. If Elvis were to be found alive, Michael Jackson were to appear off the L.A. coast, walking on water, or Lindsey Lohan were to be caught driving naked but sober, we'd have breathless hour-after-hour coverage. Short of those things, bleh; have another cool one.

BBC, many happy returns of the day!

What happened in the East to cause so many power outages was a series of fairly violent thunder storms. I feel especially bad for people in high-rise apartments without their air conditioning. It gets humid there this time of year, and heat rises. It has to be hellish.

Demeur said...

Late as usual so Happy B'day old man. You don't look bad for somebody in their 80s. hehehe

Sorry Tom but they can't put the Humpty Dumptys back together again.

Life is good and then you die.

Darn thought I saw Jimmy Hoffa with Judge Crater and MSM missed it.

Randal Graves said...

A toast to Billy.

All the king's horses and men didn't have access to Krazy Glue.

Anonymous said...

Long live King Coookie!

harry said...

I think, YES!!!!, I see nipplege!!!

Anonymous said...

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