Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just when it was getting quiet...

More murder mayhem and merriment, okay forget the merriment.

What no metal band called Psycho Killer? How disappointing. Billy get your pom poms out they're at it again.

Black bear euthanized after eating Canada murderer
Hum, maybe we could have used the bear for the department of corrections. Just a thought.

Man dies after being detained at Calif. Walmart
Who wouldn't die after being forced to stay in a Walmart?

Teen gunman on bike shoots LA father, 1-year-old
Jeez got to save gas somehow.

4th teen dies after pre-graduation crash in Ohio
Drinking and texting will do it every time. No kids you aren't immortal.

Officials: Al-Qaida's No. 2 target of CIA drones
Didn't we already kill that guy about three or four times now?

Born in the U.S.A.: Springsteen favored to write new national…
How did this get in the mix?

Trayvon Martin's killer to ask for new release from jail
Sorry Sparky ya don't lie to the judge and get away with it.

'Psycho' killer suspect to appear in German court
I smell a new blockbuster movie in the making.

What a difference only one day makes in the news cycle. Just knew they could come up with something exciting.


Randal Graves said...

No metal band names themselves after a Talking Heads song, don't be ridiculous.


Beware transiting Venuses.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

R.G., consultant to the starz.

S.W. Anderson said...

Yeah, but just when it seems everyting and everyone is always all rotten . . .

Rescued Pit Bull Saves Owner’s Life

Right time, right place saves life

MBTA cop saves life of suicidal man on rooftop

Off-Duty Captain Saves Boy's Life

Barry Diller Donates $30 Million to Nonprofit Campaign . . . "The gift is the largest single donation to the campaign for the nonprofit, which provides support, including health and social services, to active and retired entertainment industry workers."

Equitable Gas Donates $24,000 To Ronald McDonald House Charities of Pittsburgh

Just saying. ;)

BBC said...

These idiots irritate me, won't they ever learn how to get rid of bodies that are never seen again?

The bear must have just came out of hibernation and was very hungry, bears don't tend to eat us, they think we taste like shit.

BBC said...

Frankly, I'm offended that bears think we taste like shit.

BBC said...

Geez, the Seattle news is sure depressing, is there any safe place to be over there?

Well, Fremont maybe, if you're tough enough to ride around naked on a cool June day.

Demeur said...

Good one If. Randal should have been a promoter.

SW- As Lenny Bruce once said "it's better to have a little bit of shit around a whole lot of good than a little bit of good around a whole lot of shit".

Unfortunately I think we're at the latter.

Well Billy I guess he couldn't finish consuming the whole body in one sitting so what was he to do?