Thursday, June 21, 2012

Warning warning warning!

How hot was/is it? (fill in your own blank)
Hope all you happy campers are enjoying the nice sunny weather up there in the northeast. Just don't forget to drink plenty of liquids and slather on tons of sun screen when hitting the outdoors. What's that you say about global warming being a hoax?
Tell that to the emperor penguins and polar bears losing their homes. Still don't believe it? It's already happening.

The Monterrey was transportating heavy construction equipment and supplies from Port Hueneme, California, to Bethel, Alaska in support of a U.S. Marine Corps. mission to move a native Alaskan village that is sinking due to climate warming of its permafrost foundation.

Sadly this was an example of double trouble as the ship the Monterrey hit a rock and dumped about 15,000 gallons of diesel on its' journey. But the good news is that diesel tends to stay on the surface where most of it will evaporate depending on the temperatures.

Burn baby Burn. Fire a ticket to burn
Some 1500 high temperature records were broken around the country in the last year alone. Toronto didn't see snow until late December. They were a bit irked because you can't practice hockey in a back yard wading pool. Their practice days becoming few and far between. Just wondering when we'll be able to catch swordfish here in the great northwest. Not big on fishing myself but it would be a sight to see someone landing one of those babies. Shutter to think what a salmon dinner will cost when the runs are nearly gone and forget the farm raised. It won't happen. Relegated only for the Über rich.

Cool here Ice Ice baby
So while you're frying your butts off back east we here in the northwest are getting a brief brake from the usual 50 to 60 degree overcast mist ladened norm. Time for oogling the pale skinned bikini clad maidens by the shore before the funk rolls back in and the layers of fleece and Gortex are once again the norm. The official start of the soda pretzel and beer season not starting until well after July 4. Only guarantee is a week maybe two in August. But the weather has become strangely nasty in the 30+ years I've lived here. Winters have been very short (a week or two at most) and filled with snow that turns to ice while summers have been very short and hot. And you say there's no climate change?

* editors' note: In google searching an image to compliment this little blathering the word "hot" resulted in 10 billion images of bikini clad maidens in various states of undress. Wonder who set up that algorithm? You dog you.


The Blog Fodder said...

bikini clad maidens are good

S.W. Anderson said...

Here in the Inland NW, the damned cold won't really let go until the Fourth of July. We get a day, maybe two or three of relatively nice weather now and then. But then it's four, six, 10 days of cold, wet and windy. Real, hot, summer is at best three weeks in July, two or three in August. The last week or two of August, we almost always develop an unseasonably cool spell. We often get a spate or two of Indian Summer later on in Septermber or October, but by then most people are busy with whatever and it's just not the same.

I'm at a point where I would like to live with the reverse: it's summer-like and hot six or seven months out of the year, and real cold with snow happens at most over a six- or seven-week period, with warm, sunny, spring weather coming on rapidly. Well, I can dream anyway.

Tom Harper said...

"Time for oogling the pale skinned bikini clad maidens by the shore."

Yup, it's all relative. As soon as the mercury goes above the 60 mark, the shorts and bikinis appear.

BBC said...

I sure would like to see another ten degrees here, and some more fucking sun.

Demeur said...

Just don't go oogling in Russia or Poland or so I'm told. Nobody wants to see a babushka in a bikini.

SW sounds like it's time for you to head for Arizona. That is if you can stand the politics.

Just not quite long enough Tom.

Billy forget it. I think this year will be much the same as last. What'd we have maybe two to three weeks and even then it wasn't all together.

Randal Graves said...

It ain't the heat, it's the crazy oscillation like you said. Extremity all over the place like drunken chess pieces.