Sunday, June 17, 2012

Religioulessness Religiosity Superstition

Aspersions aside a brief look into inner workings of the grey matter makes one wonder exactly how we continue to wrap ourselves in the most bizarre of customs and tradition that have no basis in logic. Let me not pee in your delusion. Far be it from me to rain on your gnostic parade. But it does make one wonder about the function of a belief system especially when there is no mathematical or scientific means of testing. It's all about faith and hope they say. No I'd say it's all about superstition garnered from years of repetition until the origins were lost. Somehow some way odd rituals were handed down over the eons. A face painting before the hunt worked well once why not try it again? And so it continued and became a necessity, then a law of the land or in this case a tribe. Maybe it was some odd tangent of the learning process because it makes no rational sense in the actual survival of mankind. How do we know that to be true? Because the fundamental laws of physics are never broken no matter how hard we wish and pray. Let's see you try and break the law of gravity without an aircraft. Then you're talking the laws of aerodynamics.
They say science is a religion. No it's just our meager attempt at trying to understand the world around us and how it works. Most of us want to know how things work except for a few who seem to cling to the ignorance of the past. If they had their way the earth would still be flat and the universe revolve around the earth. The issue I take with such people is their fanatical reverence for ignorance. So to them I say if God was so wise enough to give you a brain then why don't you use it? Beads and chants and the burning of incense and such may be a pleasing momentary distraction but it does little to change the human condition. We are by nature greedy self centered selfish SOBs and maybe that's why we've made it this far. But more people have died on this planet at the hands of some other guys belief system than all the car accidents and domestic issues combined. So I have to question the benefit of religions especially when they claim to be the one and only way and pity somebody with differing beliefs as torture and death are an option. What benefit comes from building crystal cathedrals that sit empty most of the week and ministers and high priests with flashy attire driving expensive cars? I'm sure Jesus himself would puke if he saw it. So it's pie in the sky but don't forget the collection plate when it comes your way because the new wing of the church won't build itself and it's almost time for a new Caddy because the ashtrays are almost full. All a form of expensive entertainment for the masses. Keep them poor keep them hungry but by all means keep them ignorant. They just might catch on.

Take your pick- beads amulets crosses. Have any of these items been instrumental in the advancement of mankind? I think not. And if you look carefully at the nations who are falling behind you will note that many are tied to this religion or that. What great scientific advancement has come out of Saudi Arabia lately? And if you say something about oil drilling I'd say they bought it from another country. Stem cells, evolution, climate change? Heretic! You could get burned at the stake for those remarks. Remember these are the folks who brought you honor killings, female circumcision and public beheadings. How advanced they must be.

So the exact function of religion is anyones' guess because when it's all said and done we all land up as fertilizer. It's a one way trip and nobody's been back to give us a travelogue.


BBC said...

The crackpot salesmen that push all that crap are good salesmen.

BBC said...

It's a one way trip and nobody's been back to give us a travelogue.

Things balance out, in the 1700’s I bought her for seven bucks and she was a prostitute in my whorehouse, a damn talented one I might add. :-)

Randal Graves said...

Holy books or secret labs, it's all about power. If someone wants to worship the rock in their front yard, I don't care, as long as they don't step on my blue suede shoes.

Demeur said...

Sorry too much entertainment on the web to have to pay some high class preacher.

Blue suede? Why that's our new choir outfits. Don't forget to bow down to the shoes at the alter and leave some green in the collection box on your departure.