Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gruesome is as gruesome does

Warning cover your eyes this may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion advised.

From the bowels of depravity cast upon us like so many car and insurance ads of late we skim the morning headlines expecting the generic mayhem of a slightly deranged society (This isn't the 50s anymore Mrs. Nelson ). Only to find the latest blood sport of the macabre nature enough to make a medical examiner sick (what does gross those guys out anyway?). First we have the face eating psycho from Florida. Surely they have better recreational drugs unless the old ones have come passe and new thrills are sought. (and don't call me surely!)
And then there's the Canadian gay porn star with a proclivity for tasty asians. Not satisfied with a mere sexual tryst he set about to brag about the crime by mailing body parts to various places as an "in your face" taunt to the authorities. All this after having produced a few kitty mutilations for your Youtube viewing pleasure. Maybe a fitting punishment would be a trip to the lions' den at the local zoo as in pick on somebody your own size pal. The lions might find you tasty.
But just today and back to the scene of the crime (what is in the water down there?) Florida where an estranged couple (or should that be strange?) circame to an argument. Rather than resort to the usual methods of combat hubby decided that incineration was good enough for an ex-wife. He proceeded to douse her in gasoline (at these prices?) and light her ablaze.

Okay that's not gruesome enough for you? Well how about Lungs found on sidewalk in LA. While strolling through the exurbs of Los Angeles a woman happens upon a set of lungs laying on the sidewalk. (Is it zombie season already?) This bit of odd news can be added to a report in January where a severed head and hands were found near the Hollywood sign. However in the case of the lungs they turned out not to be human. Darn junior your mother told you to finish you lungs or no desert.

Not much more to report the last few days. News goes like that you know. But stay tuned you never know what could crop up and I'm working on some environmental piece that may be of interest.


BBC said...

My young pecker was sort of interested in Mrs. Nelson, well, I was interested in her tits anyway.

This is one sick planet, be careful out there.

Randal Graves said...

Heavy smoker.