Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Have we reached that point?

Talking to some folks up there in Toronto last night about the mall that collapsed, it hit home what kind of society we live in now. They informed me that 1 was dead and 30 were missing. Only checked once when the story first broke so wasn't sure what was happening. Later watch the report on Canadian news that they had called off the rescue. Too afraid to continue for fear of more lives lost. I was aghast. How could you leave someone trapped under rubble knowing that there may be a chance that they might be alive?
A couple of things come to mind here. One is that I've been trained in such matters, confined space rescue. And two I wouldn't have hesitated to lend a hand if it wasn't for the fact that I'm so far away and it'd take a long time to get the paperwork and travel time just do get there. And to his discredit it was the mayor of the town just north of Toronto who called off the mission. For him I'd have a backhand to the face. Sorry guy but I've been in a few nasty situations in my time and I sure didn't give up. If I had I wouldn't be writing this right now. From what I saw they sure weren't giving it the effort required. A couple of construction crews with cranes with some iron workers to reinforce would have all of that taken care of in short order. Especially knowing that lives were at stake. Even the ordinary people of the town were willing to risk their lives but not the mayor. Can't wait till his term is up if they don't throw him out first.
So what have we come to these days? Do we just wait and hope the insurance will cover the loss. Or maybe blame the victims say it was their own fault for being in the mall in the first place. You know like the disclaimer at the bottom of a ticket. Shall we just step over a dying man on the sidewalk too afraid to get involved? It sure looks that way anymore. This never used to be. We all used to look out for each other. It was only the lowest of the low who were so heartless. But I guess not anymore it's every man for himself. Sorry I just don't think like that.


Randal Graves said...

People are resources, there to be used up. Like Leno-hawked Doritos, we'll always make more.

Roger Owen Green said...

sad, and pathetic behavior.

Anonymous said...

Aw, it's just those chickenchit Canadians.
That couldn't ever happen in ' Murrica ' cause we're exceptional. ( don't ya know)

BBC said...

Have we reached that point?

I guess so, my nice fucking four cycle outboard motor won't keep running and I only caught one fucking fish.

Fuck other stupid shit in the news.

BBC said...

Bankers have it really tough you know.

In July 2001, the expenditure of a group of six investment bankers at P├ętrus made national news in the UK. Together they spent more than £44,000 on wine, resulting in the restaurant giving them £400 worth of food for free.

confined space rescue said...

It is really very sad and the behaviour of mayor was really very rude and selfish. In such situations quick rescue is very important.