Monday, July 2, 2012

Professor Sdrawkcab and how to spot a lie

Unfortunately not as funny as our current situation or is that backwards?

It's an age old means to dumbfound the masses by taking your weaknesses and labeling it to your opponent. And yet the masses have fallen for the ploy. The trick of course is to frame the dialogue in such a way as to make the illogical seem logical. That may work in quantum physics but in the big boy world you should find that an insult to your intelligence. Prime example is the current debate on health care in this country. But how can there even be a debate when there's a shining example in Massachusetts that's been around for a couple of years? And surely they've worked the kinks out of that system by now.

No, we are witnessing psychosis at it's very peak and it has become a sickness. We have witnessed such behavior in alcoholics in the latter stages. Any grain of rational though soon becomes irrational and vis versa. And we all know the end result of such people. So vehement is their thirst to return to power they will do or say anything. I've seen hookers with more self respect. This scenario has played out before. Ireland comes to mind where in their quest for change the IRA began killing their own under the premise of not enough support even by ardent supporters. That's when you know the end is near for no organization can think it can survive when it's leaders are thinning its' membership. That always seems to happen at the extremes of the political spectrum.

The right now has a laundry list of talking points that can easily be tagged to their own party. Obstructionism? Check (most filibusters in U.S. history) No votes? Check (the most again I'm sure) Nanny state? Check (who set up Homeland security and passed the Patriot act?) (and who would limit your intake of soda and restrict abortion?) Take away guns? Check (the Brady bill was passed after Reagan was shot nothing since). And it goes on and on too many to list.

Call it the logic of the illogical because who in their right mind would turn down federal help when their state is facing massive budget shortfalls? But like the bratty kid who didn't get his favorite flavor of ice cream pouts and stomps his feet. Oh well just more for the rest of us then. I hear nothing from the right during the wildfires in Colorado about wanting to send these federal firefighters home because they're a waste of taxpayer dollars. Because when reality sets in their rhetoric is silly. We are all in the same boat and only a fool would throw his lifejacket overboard.

And one last thought. We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf. When the facts were checked and the story found untrue nobody believed him any more. In the end the boy was eaten by the wolf. End result politically will be self emasculation.


harry said...

Who would vote for those clowns but themselves?

Everyone should read Upton Sinclair, that stuff's a hundred years old and as fresh as tomorrow.

Tom Harper said...

I was tempted to do a post about the Colorado wildfires, just so I could do a Pat Robertson impersonation. "The Lord is punishing those wayward sinners," etc.

Or to ask why those Coloradans want a bunch of government bureaucrats putting out their fire when a private company could do it so much more efficiently.

BBC said...

So you got your hands on some good pot?

Randal Graves said...

Dave's not here, man.

Demeur said...

I know of where you speak Harry. I just can't remember the title.

So it's fireballs for the red states is it Tom? I guess they're just not conservative enough. When will they incorporate the stoning of women?

Pot? I don't even have a good kettle.

Yeah and Dave is here man he's just not answering the door.