Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday business beaver and more Raw Money slams

Here we have, I'll call him Buckey for lack of a better name, playing his violin. Is Rome burning? You betcha. But fear not Romney er I mean Buckey has an ample supply of gasoline to add to the fire. Gaffs and blunders? He's full of them. Nothing like insulting the crowd you're talking to with plans of slashing the very safety nets relied on by plain folks. You remember the little people who just might be crazy enough to vote for you. And then there's Bane. Slowly becoming the bane of your existence. So which was it were you retired, on leave or just lying to the American people? Vulture capitalism isn't easy to hide you know. It leaves a paper trail. Character? I've seen more scruples from a street thug. And who would give his golden seal of approval to this miscreant? If you said Oil Can Dick our former slippery slim of the last administration then you get today's gold star. The man to have in the event of another 911 I believe was the quote. Ha! The Raw Money er Buckey would probably have sold them the planes but not before he leveraged the buildings to some foreign outfit. And not to forget making a cool bundle by hedging on their destruction, planes and buildings both. Because that's how he rolls.

To sum up what's become of this mass of living tissue disguised as a candidate that can be done in one phrase "I got mine, the hell with you, you're on your own. And don't forget to vote for me in November."

For shame to desecrate the reputation of our furry friend here but that's how I use and abuse beavers here on Fridays. Sorry little fella I'll leave you to get back to your dam building on the stream.

Bank fails later.
Parking lot index stands at 10

UPDATE: One more bank failed in Missouri today. And after the Chase debacle I see more folks closing there accounts there. Way to go Jamie.


BBC said...

Romney will not get elected so lets move on.

Does the beaver know Moon River?

The Blog Fodder said...

If he plays "Redwing", does anyone know a clean verse to it?

Demeur said...

No but I think he can play "Turkey in the Straw".

Ya got me there Fodder.

S.W. Anderson said...

"And who would give his golden seal of approval to this miscreant?"

It's a sad commentary on the state of things, but upwards of 28 percent of the electorate will vote for Romney. Not because he's worth his weight in pink slips, but because he's not black, not a Democrat, never worked as a community organizer, doesn't have an African-sounding name, wasn't born in Kenya and isn't as much of a socialist as the incumbent, in their view.

A few will probably vote for Romney because they think he'd be more fun to go with for scotch-rocks at the country club. A few others will vote for him because they're suffering the early stages of dementia and can't process anything more complicated than operating a TV remote.

HTH. :)

Randal Graves said...

Who would win in a fight, Nero or Caligula?

Demeur said...

What a wrong choice for adversary but considering the other choices what other choice did they have?

That's a toss up Randal. Maybe the Marquis de Sade?

BBC said...

Gunmen exchanged at least 17 shots on Beacon Hill on Thursday evening, according to police......


BBC said...

But did you go to the Milk Cartoon Derby?

Juanyssx said...

No but I think he can play "Turkey in the Straw". Ya got me there Fodder.