Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So Obama is doing a bad job ... sorry the data says otherwise

The first chart here shows the housing valuations. Note it hit bottom under George W. Bush.

Second chart show Gross domestic product. That's what the nation produces. Again in a positive direction.

This is the bikini chart measuring employment. Red being under Bush the blue under Obama. And again from negative to positive. Even as things slowed it was still going up and not down.

And the last chart here shows what the Dow Jones Industrial average did from 08 to present. Sure looks like a positive direction to me.

So when Romney opens his trap and sounds off about how bad things are under Obama it's nothing but bold face lies. You can see that for yourself. Sorry Mitt the numbers don't lie but you sure do. Now tell us again how you weren't part of Bane when your name was clearly on the ownership papers. You can't etch-a-sketch your way out of this one or any of the other bull your trying to feed us.

If you hadn't guessed I hate liars.


S.W. Anderson said...

Funny, I saw those charts on Faux News the other day — but they were upside down. I wonder how that happened.

The Blog Fodder said...

You are kidding? They reversed the Y axis? That is hilarious.

Randal Graves said...

Good cop doing his job, just as the bad cop does his. And come on, everyone knows the Dow is fake money. That chart means zip, unless one thinks that corporations actually create jobs.

Roger Owen Green said...

Of course, the Bain lie may be Romney's topper. I'd love to see his 2001 tax return to see what it says about who his employer was

BBC said...

You should buy a boat.

S.W. Anderson said...

It pains me no end, but I better explain that my comment above was sarcasm. It didn't work because, first, Faux News is dishonest enough to do something that artlessly blatant to make Obama and the Dems look bad; and second, because even if not being that deceitful, Faux hirelings are inept enough to do that accidentally and dumb enough not to realize they had done it.

Anonymous said...

Data ARE, not Data IS.
Singular : Datum, plural : Data.