Friday, July 6, 2012

Actuarial beaver Friday

Not that beavers really care about cash but this is my evil plan to take over everything beaver at least on Fridays. Not that beavers care anything about a monetary system as they're too busy building their lodges in preparation for the winter. As warm as it's been getting better put some AC in those lodges this year.

I see nary a peep about the Barclays' scandal in the financial sites. But then again it'll take some doing to unravel this puzzle and I'd bet that the accused will start to run out of fingers to point in short order once this thing hits full stride. The markets today were focused on jobs or lack there of. As ugly as the news may seem people don't stop to consider that the direction of the numbers is headed upwards and not down as it was with the legacy of Bush. And you must give Obama a little credit for getting anything past the House filled with the Tea Bag crowd. Nothing like trying to run a foot race with people throwing garbage in your path.

In other buried news wikileaks just unleashed over 2 million documents from Syria's dear leaders computers. Not that it will make headline news or even light reading for the curious but it should provide plenty of evidence against Assad at his trial in the Hague if he makes it that far. What do you mean general you're going to visit relatives in Turkey for your vacation?

The markets the markets up down in and out. They pump them and dump them and watch them fall. As has been reported many times before this has absolutely little to do with actual market forces but blazing fast computers able to squeeze dimes out of nickels. Pay no attention to what the talking heads on the screen in front of you are saying, it's all infotainment. Meant to keep the sucker players amused while the big boys go about robbing the place. And a fine job they're doing. Always said to really screw things up use a computer.

As usual bank fails later.
The parking lot index* stands at 12 (not a good sign but then again the Highway bill just passed congress so we'll see)

* Index of cars parked in the neighborhood during the day representing local unemployment. 10+ = bad 7 or less = good

Update: And we have one bank in GA. that failed this week.


S.W. Anderson said...

The Barclays scandal probably won't register with the U.S. public. It should because it's more evidence of how rotten and corrupt the financial industry is here and abroad, and because they're all entwined like snakes in a barrel. Americans go for scandals that center around a villain whose name they know or get to know quickly. The guy at the center of this one is kind of remote and bland.

Re: the parking lot index. I don't think you can get a meaningful reading on a Friday during a week with a major holiday.

Tom Harper said...

I was planning to go inside and write a comment here, but there are so damned many parked cars clogging up the street, I couldn't get through.

BBC said...

So you had a good forth? I had a great forth....

Didn't see another soul all day long and drank ten fucking beers, and shot my guns some..

Randal Graves said...

No worries, since I'm not a fan of the Talking Heads anyway.

Sadly, SWA hit the nail on the head, this is the great tragedy of modern society, milquetoast villains who all play in the same foursomes, suited & tied, no scars, no stroke of the cat, merely dabbling in fake money. Where's Blofeld, dammit.

Demeur said...

As you say snakes in a barrel but it's all tied together so we're next on the list.

Ha you think they're on vacation? Nobody takes vacation anymore. You could come back to a Temp replacement and a pink slip and not the ladies lingerie kind.

But Billy did ya shot your wad?

Blofeld died in the end this is real life. He'd probably get a bonus.

Andyinbg said...

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