Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Exploding heads and general catatonia

A Forth of July Extra read all about it:
Is it any wonder we're accident prone? Short of plugging ourselves directly into the wall outlet we have more distractions than a fruit fly in an apple orchard. Can't see how people do it. Multiple windows open on the computer screen following five ongoing chats with ear buds dangling listening to the latest tunes. Multiple cable channels with picture in a picture all the while tivo (is that still around?) records for later consumption if they remember what it was they so desperately wanted to see later. With smart phone at hand picking up a steady stream of abbreviated messages from people they only know by some catchy screen name. The phone probably with a higher IQ than the user. Internet video chats complete with picture sound and text and personal messaging to boot. And don't forget to Skype me when you get a chance. Ha! Who has the time or the memory? And with all these bells and whistlery and every manner of communication the primary comment first and foremost blurbed and texted echoing through this electronic maze of mass communication is of course "I'm bored" or "Waz Sup?".
It is a total wonderment that any of the tech savvy urchins of todays' youth can maintain a complete thought or follow a conversation longer than three words. They sit and stare dead faced at a screen for hours with only a momentary human expression. Hey somebody say something. Devoid of creativity it's always best to let the other guy go first and like a four way stop nobody does. So much fun to tweak the psyches of this crowd but one must take care not to go too far lest the troll hammer comes falling on your head. Always best to postscript a comment with a LOL or a smile. It was a joke I tell you. But the jokes on us as this is slowly becoming the bubble gum for the mind. That is what's left of the minds.
There is a wealth of good information out here in cyberspace but it's slowly being contaminated by a sea of misinformation and down right silliness. Sorry but I just didn't want to know that your dog got sick on the carpet and I sure don't want to see the video on Youtube. But I guess we're now stuck with both the good and the bad. Let's just hope we can keep this all free.


harry said...

Heh, sometimes I think Cook is about the only one that has much of a clue; yourself and a few of your readers excepted.

Try to have a good one Mr DeMeur.

The Blog Fodder said...

I often wonder why people need to have their ear phones in and music constantly playing, never mind all the other stuff. Are people afraid of their own thoughts? That may well be the case.
I think that the phenomenon you have described, the obesity problems, the drug and alcohol problems, the depression pill problems are all symptoms of the same thing.
It is our way of coping with the fact that our minds and expectations are still 20th/21st century but as society we are sliding back into the 13th century

Randal Graves said...

To defend constant listening to music, it keeps other humans away. Face-to-face is always better than e-commiserating, but only with about 0.7% of the species.

Demeur said...

Yes Cook sure is unique in his own right.

Fodder I think there's an app or pill for that.

Randal you of all people should know unless of course you're one of those hidden behind a sound proof cubicle.

Carterwlnh said...

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