Saturday, July 21, 2012

The human mind

Packed neatly into that two plus pound package at the top of our bodies the brain is the most complex pieces of organic equipment. No computer on earth could match it's functionality for it's size. A bio chemical electrical control system with a sense of self. And yet with only minor imbalances can have devastating impacts on the rest of the organism. All manner of bodily function is under its' control. But it takes only slight variations in blood flow, oxygen intake and chemical balance to throw the entire organ out of whack and along with it the rest of the body. An arterial blockage or an increase or decrease in blood pressure can cause a shift in cognitive though processes. Drugs can have a similar effect as can exposures to certain chemicals exposures.
Pharmaceutical companies can only guess at the effects such drugs they produce because there is no owners manuel for the human brain.

So it's with bewilderment that an individual with a seeming high I.Q. could carry out such a heinous act. Is there truly a thin edge between brilliance and insanity? What motivational factor could be the root cause of such a shift to the irrational? Maybe we will discover the causes as more unfolds or maybe not. Time will tell. The one and only question at this point is why? And this leads to the other greater philosophical question. Is man inherently evil? We love we hate we are somewhat self centered but the bulk of us go about our daily lives in relative harmony. Each of us has our own quirks but not usually to the extremes. There are those who've been bullied and yet sought no bullies' revenge. But it does make one wonder of the thought processes of this individual. Was every kind word directed at him perceived as a threat? And why the elaborate plan to wreck such havoc? As was said before time will tell.


Anonymous said...

....Cleanup on isle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,......"

Getting to be a routine happening.

Just wait 'til the home-made "nucs"

start popping off.

BBC said...

It's a fine line and anyone can step over it, I learned how not to years ago, but some days are still a stretch.

Demeur said...

Home-made "nucs"? Well I guess the babies need something to suck on.

Billy I'm almost sure that if Leslie were in close proximity it might be a different story. Fortunately she lives in her own little demented world. She sure can get your goat though.