Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday beaver gone berserk!

Dang never knew beavers got this big!

crazed beaver attacked two girls as they swam in a lake at a popular beauty spot leaving them with serious injuries.
Eight-year-old Annabella Radnovich and her 11-year-old sister, Alyssa, were playing with their cousins at Lake Anna in Virginia's Spotsylvania County when the 65 pound animal bit and scratched their legs.
The sisters were rushed to Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center after the attack just before noon on Sunday.

Don't mess with the Bev when he's working I guess.

In other news I see our oil companies have managed to weasel their way into the Iraqi oil fields with a deal with the Kurds. For those who may have forgotten the U.S. under Bush (more than likely Cheney) wrote the original oil policy for that nation only to have it overwhelmingly rejected. Gee I wonder why? More at Kurd oil deal

Odd that I wrote this post last night prior to the news of the Colorado movie theater shooting. Maybe some xanax or other anti depressant are in order. At any rate berserk seems to have been predictive word choice.

As usual Bank fails later.
Parking lot index at 12 :-(
And we have 5 banks hitting the skids this week in FL GA and IL.


BBC said...

I've never heard of a beaver attacking anyone, but I beat one to death with a stick when I was a kid.

BBC said...

It wasn't attacking me, I was just an idiot kid.

S.W. Anderson said...

A crazed beaver? Hmmm. What do you want to bet those girls, intentionally or not, invaded the beaver's territory, maybe with li'l beavers involved, and the critter did what its instincts called for?

Re: Iraq and oil deals. Last I heard, Bush & Co. (Cheney operating behind the green curtain) saw to it the Iraqis would guarantee access and some mutually profitable oil contracts to U.S. and other coalition nation oil companies, meaning the U.K. My impression was that deal was for southern and central Iraq, not the Kurdish north. Did I miss something?

Demeur said...

To my knowledge and this came from an Iraqi at the time the Iraqi government struck down Cheney's original bill. I didn't hear about the second. It's the central government's contention that they have the right to oversee all drilling contracts.

Randal Graves said...

First zombie people, now zombie beavers. Hopefully zombie royalty won't be far behind because who'd be sad about shotgunning our socioeconomic betters.

Demeur said...

Sorry Randal royal zombies are better than you think. The eat our brains through TV and didn't lift a finger.