Thursday, July 12, 2012

Romney pulls a Faux pas and it's not fashion

We've seen this picture before, first with Social Security and then again with Medicare. The doom and gloom sayers like the kid screaming "the sky is falling" are at it again. Like bratty kids you ask them "well did you actually read the Affordable Care Act?" And of course the answer is "No". Usually followed by "I don't have to it was Obamacare". I find this particularly interesting considering it was patterned after the same legislation passed in Massachusetts by a republican governor. And in the bill are many parts worked on and approved by republicans in the House committees and sub committees. In fact this was much the same bill that Nixon tried to get going when he was in office. But I guess hypocrisy runs deep these days.

The right would like nothing better than have you believe that their solutions are something different than those evil socialist european countries. But what's their plan? It's to raise taxes on everyone but themselves and cut government jobs, slash retirements and anyone left gets a pay cut. That sure sounds exactly what's going on in Greece and Spain and all the rest of those evil euro nations.

Mittens pulled a grand faux pas yesterday by telling a gathering of the NAACP that he'd eliminate Obamacare. The round of jeers lasted 15 seconds. It wasn't so much his position on the matter that raised the ire, anyone can have a different view, but it was the several minutes of bashing the president prior that drew the negative response. And then there's the fact that Romney has no substitute to sell in it's place. Romney later stated that he spoke with leaders of the NAACP only to find out that these "leaders" were hand picked and flown in just for the event, none of whom were actual NAACP leaders. Sad to think that Mitt carries around some black folk in his back pocket.

If I didn't know any better I'd say this is nothing more than a ploy. A rouse if you will to get big bucks into state and local politics. They do after all need to get a stronger foothold in the House and Senate if they expect to forward their agenda of national thievery. And let's face it that's all this is. The money flying around may seem like big bucks to us but it's pocket change compared to changing laws that will mean billions later on. Wouldn't you trade a half billion for 10?


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