Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mixed nuts and the soup du jour. On second thought just a glass of water please

As the east coast gets flambéed as olde sole turned up the heat, in foreign news Turkey beefed up patrols as Syria plays a game of chicken with her neighbors. Sounding more like a fishing expedition as greece experiences yet more turmoil. Forget meatballs at least for the time being if you're cooking with ingredients from Buona Vita Inc. . But on further investigation it appears most of their food goes for institutional purposes. Don't know too many people who buy 30 lbs of anything at one time unless it's pet food and who can afford to dine out in these times. Way to go Boner (reference to the tan man head of our congressional House) just keep cutting food safety regs and you'll land up with food poisoning yourself!

In just the last 4 to 5 years we've had food poisonings from:
Tomatoes although they got a bad wrap it was actually peppers
Milk (you remember Chinese milk laced with plastic)

Really amazed that more of us aren't dead from the cut backs. Sorry but you don't fix a problem by ignoring it and hope it goes away. Our industries aren't self regulating as some would have you believe. It's all about production figures and profit margins and they don't care who gets killed in the process that is if nobody gets caught. Guess reputation means nothing anymore unless you're a reputed crime boss.

On the other end of the spectrum we have recalls for mislabeling. Some are understandable such as omitting allergenic ingredients. But failing to label a jar of peanut butter because it may contain peanuts is going a bit too far. I know some of us aren't the brightest bulbs on the planet but come on.

So to our senators and Congress critters we give you a nice heaping serving of e-coli, a side of salmonella, some listeria, and for desert our special mad cow moose. Yep just keep cutting those budgets right down to the bone and beyond and see what happens.

Is the water safe to drink? I thought not.


BBC said...

Well, I'm just thankful for all the deaths. I hope to hell mine is interesting.

Tom Harper said...

"Way to go Boner (reference to the tan man head of our congressional House) just keep cutting food safety regs and you'll land up with food poisoning yourself!"

Nah, Boner isn't in any danger. He takes all of his meals in liquid form.

S.W. Anderson said...

First, do we see not only a problem, but a setup for confounding efforts to deal with problems here? Buona Vita's product roster is more complicated than Boeing's parts department. We're talking different sizes of meatballs and various meat combination patties. You could boil the whole rigamarole down to six or eight products, all with the Buona Vita brand name. Instead, it looks like something that Parker Bros. came up with during a bad patch in the game-inventing biz.

Demeur, Tom, hate to break this to you, but the Obama administration came up with the not-too-bright and very badly timed idea of cutting 500 Ag Dept. offices that food inspectors work out of across the country. The Ag Dept. claims it's no big deal — won't hurt the number or timeliness of inspections, won't result in increases of food-borne illness. We'll see.

I've said for the past two or three years the federal government should increase the number of food inspectors by several thousand nationwide. The fact that isn't about to happen, and the impetus to cut the Ag offices, can be credited to congressional Republicans. The SOB's would dearly love the chance to shoot down an increase in the federal payroll. Their moron tea party backers would be orgasmic over it.

Since they've been denied that joy, maybe we could send them some Buona Vita vittles as a consolation prize.

On second thought, nah. That's going too far down the path to spite, or justice, or something.

Randal Graves said...

Everyone knows that since Congress-elects are replaced with automatons, they've nothing to worry about from bacteria and such.

BBC said...

I'm confused as to why company's would produce harmful products, wouldn't that give them a bad rap and result in them failing when everyone stops buying their products?

Demeur said...

Yeah maybe you could stuff a meatball in your mouth, light yourself on fire and push out on the lake in your boat filled with TNT.

There is that interesting enough?

Demeur said...

Hate to break it to you SW but if you read one of Bushs' last budgets he cut funding to all the agencies responsible for food safety along with gutting the EPA.

But you are right. Tracing the source of the contamination would take Sherlock Holmes.

Demeur said...

Randal there's always something to worry about. You forget the cutbacks to the maintenance crews, contaminated lube oil, and cheap Chinese replacement parts.