Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitt Romney in Poland "Kiss my ass and shove it"

Man this guy's the comedic gift that keeps on giving. Is he getting lessons from Herman Cain or something? Blunders are Us has nothing on this campaign. A man that just can't resist insulting any crowd he appears before. His staff is following Herr leader.

The score card:

UK - Not ready for the olympics yet? Looking out of the rear of 10 Downing street? I think the term used by the Brits is a "Barclays" Look it up in a rhyming slang dictionary.

Palestine - Failing because they have no culture? And we're back to bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran. Saw where that got McCain. But for Raw Money and the rest of the rightards they seem to have forgotten what it's like to have your home taken away from you and relocated then surrounded by a tall wall.

Poland -And now we have the latest gaffe. It wouldn't surprise me if Mittens told them Hitler only invaded their country to help out.

Maybe he should just issue a prepress release with a blanket apology before his next stop. But as was mentioned in prior posts that's not how this clown rolls. It's insult first then try and walk it back or spin it as best you can. Only his spin doctors are running out of revolutions. With a staff like his who needs enemies? And don't be trying to take a photo or get an interview. The black curtains are drawn tight on the clown bus. Wouldn't want the jokes spilling out before they are fully developed. But then I forget he's a natural at this. Must have taken years to develop such disconnects. But that's what happens when the focus was on a bunch of numbers on a balance sheet and not actual people.

So ends the Griswald... er Romney European vacation campaign stops.


BBC said...

Just because it all gives the news monkeys something to post about doesn't mean you have to analyze it all for us, we read all that shit also.

But he is proof that any moron can get popular and gain a following.

Tom Harper said...

You've insulted Clark Griswold by comparing him to Mittens.

Randal Graves said...

Stay stupid, my friends.

BBC said...

A local poll is showing Romney as more popular, go figure.

Demeur said...

I can't help it if you live around morons Billy.

And hey I'll analyze anything I damn well please. Go visit your girlfriend Leslie if you don't like it.

The Blog Fodder said...

Romney's "gaffes" are deliberate. Keep in mind, these people don't vote for him and their negative responses play VERY well with the crowd that are his core supporters. I've no doubt his ratings went up.