Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mitt Romney

Rubber and glue.
You can be absolutely certain that every word that comes out of his mouth is a vilification of his very own character and principles. He has called Obama every name in the book and a few that aren't there. How anyone would consider such a choice is beyond reason. Take any of the issues and talking points he's been blathering the last several months.
1. Health care - A government take over? Hardly. If anything this was a gift to the Insurers. They get 30 million new premium payers and I'd bet most of them are healthy. Only thing seen from Romney was his support of the Ryan plan. The Ryan plan - to give you a $5000 voucher to buy insurance. All well and good until you stop to consider that insurance premiums run nearly double that for a single payer and triple that for a family leaving you to pay the difference. It was Mitts' very own plan instituted in Mass. that was used as a template for our national plan. And the party that suggested national insurance exchanges now find that unacceptable now that it's part of the bill. Call it a penalty. Call it a fee. Call it a tax. It doesn't matter because whether we like it or not we all pay even for the uninsured. And that is getting way out of hand. Medical costs here have tripled in just the last 5 years.
2. Taxes - More of the trickle down economics that got us in this mess in the first place. He wants to lower upper income taxes down to 20% while raising everybody else's effectively playing Robin Hood in reverse. But what does he care as most of his money is in the Caymans or a Swiss account. And his tax rate was only 13.9% anyway at least that we know by what he showed.
3. Immigration - Doesn't really have a plan. Is some how hoping that people just self deport when they can't find jobs. Gave lip service to better identification checks for businesses and supports the Arizona papers please law. His non answer when asked about his position was to say he'll wait until after he gets into office to reveal his plan. Same with his tax returns.
4. Education - Loves the idea of charter schools because after all somebody should profit and who cares about the lower and middle class who'd have to foot the bill. It's getting hard enough to pay for all the fees of a public school even with help.
5. Social Security - Would love nothing better than to get his hands on at least a portion of the money you put into the system over the course of your working life. After all there's all those Wall Street supporters to pay back should he get elected. Bush tried presenting this little idea at a gathering down in Florida and about got booed off the stage (and those where his supporters).

Republicans seem to be looking for another Bush a mere puppet they can hold up to the American public while they actively dismantle this nation. People rail about socialism not realizing that some of the best benefits we have in this country are socialist ideas. Go ahead grandma scream about socialized medicine but let's seen you pay full price for your health care when it comes out of your small Social Security check. And oh yes they'd like nothing more than to privatize that and make it smaller too. Take it to the casino and bet the entire check on red because you never know you might get lucky. And if not you'll be fighting the cat for the last can of cat food.

Sorry pal but knowbody is going to wait until after you're in office so you can reveal what your plans are. Would you buy a car with a car cover over it and the seller telling you you can see all the details after the sale is final? I thought not. Well this is what Mitt expects the American people to do. Sorry but I don't care for a grab bag election when the stakes are so high. I was hoping for something more than an empty suit for their choice of competitor. I thought wrong.


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And in other news, San Bernardino is third California city to go broke. Been pondering on what effect it would have on me if Port Angeles went broke. Damn little effect I'm thinking...

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Love the picture of Mitt.