Saturday, July 28, 2012

Clown Circus world tour

I'm sure you've heard all the gaffes from the republican candidate even before he set foot on UK soil. So much of this is looking familiar much like the end of Hilary Clinton's run but too her credit she had enough sense to change up her remarks to the crowd she was speaking to. So as time passes and the election season draws near it makes one wonder exactly how the clown handlers will manage. All the ads in the world aren't going to cover up an image that's in your face once Mitt opens his mouth. I can now see why even his own party finds such distain for the man. Who hasn't he insulted? And now on a global scale. Makes you wonder what he'll say should he set foot on the African continent. Note to the clown wranglers: You might want to check out the CIA fact book and do a little coaching before Mittens opens his mouth and puts his foot in it again.

If the gaffes even before the Olympic games weren't bad enough there was a 25,000 pound per plate fundraiser for Mitt. So now we're whoring on the world market are we? Oh but I forgot this is a global economy and anything can be had if the price is right. I guess now he'll pop down to a few African countries and make off with oil money from a few dictators. Easy pickings for a guy that broke up companies for a living. Wonder if there's any Nigerian princes in Mitts' family tree.

So the next stop is Israel. Let's see what insults he can come up with there. If you're thinking something about free air and nose lengths then you're ahead of me. But I'm sure he'll throw in something to offend Arabs there as well. That's how he rolls.

It appears that blogger Major Conflict has found a list of the perfect gaffes for Mitt - Possible top 10s for Raw Money

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BBC said...

They're all clowns, wise people don't run for preznut.