Friday, July 27, 2012

Dead beaver Friday

That's one dead beaver

Just noticed a bunch of people have passed this week. Gone to the great reward. Croaked. Kicked the bucket. Bought the farm. So thought I give a run down on who's passed over just the last three months. All those actors and entertainers from a by gone era of the 50s are dropping like flies. Here's a list:

Donald "Duck" Dunn music - played in the Blues Brothers movies
Junior Seau - sports football
Vidal Sassoon - fashion
Carroll Shelby - sports auto racing
Donna Summer - music singer
Robin Gibb - music singer the Bee Gees
Doc Watson - music
Richard Dawson - entertainer Family Feud and Hogans Heros
Ray Bradbury - Literature science fiction
Frank Cady - entertainment parts on Ozzie and Harriet and Petticoat junction
Rodney King - caused the LA riots when cops beat him
Leroy Neiman - art painted abstract paintings of sport scenes
Nor Ephron writer wrote Sleepless in Seattle
Doris Singleton actress parts in I Love Lucy My Three Sons and Dick Van Dyke
Don Grady- played Robbie on My Three Sons
Andy Griffith - played Andy Griffith Show, Matlock and many other parts
Celeste Holm - played Oklahoma on broadway All about Eve and High Society
John Lord - keyboardist for Deep Purple (smoke on the water)
Sally Ride - astronaut
Shermin Hemsley - played George Jefferson on the Jeffersons
Chad Everett - played Joe Gannon on the 70s show Medical Center

And as usual the dead banks later.
UPDATE: We have one dead bank this week in GA.
The parking lot index was at 12 this morning. Not a good sign.


The Blog Fodder said...

Heroes of my youth

Roger Owen Green said...

Tom Davis, Al Franken's writing and performing partner on Saturday Night Live

Ranch Chimp said...

We just had a death in our familia this week too, as usual, it bring's alot of us together at these.

BBC said...

Your spirits will live on. Mean while, I'm going fishing today.

Demeur said...

As were they mine Fodder.

Roger missed him on my list.

RC sorry to hear that. Hope they weren't too young. Lost many friends and relatives myself early in life.

Well bring us back a dead fish then Billy.

jim marquis said...

Yeah, the Reaper is starting to dig pretty deep into the celebrities we followed as kids. Big wheel keeps on turnin'.

S.W. Anderson said...

Like Jim Marquis said. It's inevitable and it's sad. Heck, I even feel bad for the beaver.