Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rob McKenna gets another award

In his current TV ads candidate for Washington state governor states that he'll:

Expand learning with more focus on higher education

Have the state cover 50% of higher education costs

Make the state business friendly by lowering taxes

And create jobs

Hey dumbass! How are you going to expect to hire more teachers, pay half of the tuition costs and expand employment when you're cutting taxes? What are you going to do pull the money out of your ass? Or maybe you have a money tree in your back yard and we can all come and pick the greenbacks. Also thinks he can pay down the state debt with this plan. Hey Sparky it didn't work for Bush what makes you think people will buy that crap again?

So for you Goober this award is for you.

Fits right in doesn't he.


BBC said...



I think I was dumb ass of the week...

My boat motor is still giving me fits....

The bitch.....

Tom Harper said...

Yes, there IS a money tree, but it only grows money for the Pentagon and the Prison Industrial Complex. Money for education and infrastructure, on the other hand, comes from overburdened hardworking taxpayers who've been taxed enough already.

In other words, McKenna blew it and he's clearly earned his Dumbass Award.

Demeur said...

Jeez Billy and you call yourself a mechanic? Thought you'd have that baby purrin like a kitten.

More money only for those who don't need it.

Murr Brewster said...

I must be a liberal. I love paying taxes. I just don't love figuring them out.

S.W. Anderson said...

McKenna is channeling George W. Bush. Promise 'em anything and give 'em the trickle-down shaft. He well deserves your award.