Sunday, September 21, 2008

$25 million road to nowhere

There seems to be a lot of news items sneeking out from Friday that got covered up with the big bailout. Remember the bridge to nowhere? Well Friday they opened the road to a bridge that's not there. Sarah "I don't like porkbarrel" Palin was against the bridge to nowhere but that was before she was for it. She still accepted around 1/2 the $400 million of which $25 million was spent on a gravel road leading to the bridge that wasn't built.
How ya going to put lipstick on this pig?

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BBC said...

Red Green, ha,ha,ha. He's a hoot.

No, I'm going to make a washing machine I can run without grid power if I lose it.

I thought that the bridge was a stupid idea when I first read about it.