Monday, September 8, 2008

Republicans for Obama

It's a sad state for their party when republicans are going to cross party lines to vote for Obama. Many have realized that this isn't about us against them. This is about the future of this country. If we continue on the present path this nation will look like Rome after it collapsed. To vote for a candidate who holds the values of the present administration is just insane. As one anlalogy put it it's like using a wrench to fix your car only it's the wrong wrench. Are you going to continue to use the wrong wrench for the job? No you switch wrenches and try and get the right one.
As for the 'news' that Obama is behind in the polls, it's not true. Intrade who has correctly picked the last elections puts Obama ahead by a margin of 54 to McCains 46.

Republicans for Obama


MRMacrum said...

I don't pay attention to polls. Espeially ones that come on the heels of a convention bump.

Up here there is a rather signifigant Republican crossover for Obama or, at the least, many still on the cusp and leaning left. Seems Mainers tend to be closer to the middle anyway, no matter which side they settle on.

Good Post.

Kathi D said...

I honestly can't believe that we will elect another Republican.

But I thought that the last two times, too. So I'm hopeful, yet scared.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Me thinks the majority of voters will decide that the Democratic party is too much controlled by the leftist elitists. I think the way the leftist liberal media has done there best to trash gov. Palin, and thereby insulting all most all women has awakened the silent majority, and the polls are just now beginning to reflect this awakening-----. I agree polls taken right after conventions are suspect, but they do show a trend.

Kathi D said...

Gary (old dude), you are out of touch with "all most all women."

Women are not jumping to support Sarah Palin. "All most all women" are insulted that McCain seems to believe women are fungible.

Distributorcap said...

my very conservative cousin - who still thinks of welfare queens in cadillace said the othe rday

"that Sarah Palin, another embarrassment by the Republican party - you know enough is enough. i either sit this one out or vote for obama. McCain has lost my vote."