Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting by in hard times

Fellow bloggers and friends I've come upon a cure for all that ails you. A pill so powerful it's destined to be an award winning drug with noteriaity the world over. A simple capsule when taken as directed is the answer every problem you didn't even know you had. Now being hailed as the breakthrough drug of the twenty first century it was developed in a secret laboratory in Switzerland. This closley guarded secret formula is now available in over the counter form.

Side effects include nausia, vomiting, headache, nosebleeds, diarea, anal leakage, hair loss, incontinance, increased weight gain, drowzyness, impotence, and rashes. Do not operate machinery while taking this drug. Do not sit for long periods of time while on this medication. Standing sitting sleeping walking or running are not recommended while taking this medication as injuries have been reported. If you experience any of the above symptoms and can remember to call your doctor don't. Your doctor will only run more expensive tests and put you on a competitors medication and we don't want that happening now do we.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...


BBC said...

Yeah, I've had that graphic for about five years or more. I'll make out through the hard times okay, I hope that you do also.

Actually, the dips through the years were good to me, I never much noticed them. In hard times people have to get their cars fixed instead of buying new ones, generally speaking of course.

So I was always busy. If I have to I can get by on just a few hundred bucks a month, I don't spend all of my SS money every month anyway.

If it goes away I'll still get by, always, always will.

Demeur said...

I only wish I could say the same. I'm at the age where I'm to old to start something new and to young to retire. Who can fix cars these days? I used to fix my own but now it takes two, one for the mechanical and one for the electronics.

BBC said...

What I don't know about the newer cars I can find out from my friends. Most of my friends are craftsmen of one kind or an other.

Or I can just sit and read and learn what I need to know, that is how I taught myself how to do automatics and air conditioning.

Hey, need some R 12? I still have some. :-)

You are never too old to learn a new trade.

Snave said...

I like that med, Demeur. I think our president has been taking it the last few years... I find it has gotten me through some hard times too.

Isn't one of the side effect of this drug... death? 8-)