Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can we get an arrest warrant on her?

Sarah Palin is refusing to respond to a subpoena for her testimony in the troopergate investigation. Thinks she's above the law
We don't need these slimes in the white house.


NorthCountryLiberal said...

She auditioning for the NEOCONS.
They've been doing it for 8 years and now comtempt of court is a prerequisite for employment.

Anonymous said...

Gov.Palin has nothing to hide. Sen.French,Sen.Elton & Sen. Green has been on her case since day one in Office becasue Gov. Palin Start the investigation That is cleaning up AK Lawmakes. With 9 Senators jail now for 5 year each. Those are the good old boy's who pocketed Oil Money. They want her out of there. Sen.Lyda Green would sell her mother to get to Palin. Our Gov.She is doing her job right and they don't like it.Monegan needed to be fired. It just happen to be Wooden's Boss. So it was a hot one for them to use. The FBI is on top of it and they know it. They could be the next one as they know. I bet today's news wiped the smirl off Sen. Greens face you all seen on TV. She was out raged today.It needs to go to the State Personal Broad to be a fine trail. They are all friends of Walt Monegan Plus. Branchflower who's wife worked for Monegan. And you think they are going to be fair when they play together. Sen. Lesil McGuire is anther one who was escorted by Police off a air plane today. Her Husband is one of them in Jail. Because they won't sell her a drink. I'm sure you read about it. Gov. Palin needs to finsh up doing her job in Ak. But she will make a very good VP.If not we want her home to finsh up her job here.
Thanks for reading this.Most of you all already know this.

Demeur said...

Palin is just as corrupt as the rest of the republicans in the state. The issue is now national. Failing to appear for a sobpoena is contempt of court punishable by fines and or prison.
She is no better than the rest of the good old boys because she charged the tax payers of AK for staying at home. If I did that with any company and got caught I'd be fired and made to pay the money back. They caught one of our legislators down here doing just that a few years back and he was kicked out and made to pay the money back.
If you call 'cleaning up' putting some of her unqualified friends in office then you must be a Bush fan and we've seen how that worked out.
In my opinion she wouldn't make a good dog catcher.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...
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BBC said...

Whatever, it's just a bunch of so called christian monkeys fucking around. They are all quite insane you know.

Dawn on MDI said...

Congratulations. You hit a nerve. I have a friend who once advised, "embrace the backlash. It means you're making progress."
Good job!