Monday, September 29, 2008

I just had a disheartening thought

If the country is bankrupt then what do we do? What happens at a bankruptcy? The assets get sold to pay the debts. Let's see, what do we have that can be sold? The interstate highways? Thousands of acres of forest land? How about all that property they plan to drill for oil? Throw your ideas here in the comments section and join the Great American Garage Sale. We'll hang a yard sale sign from the statue of liberty. Want to buy the Alamo? Make us an offer. Mt Rushmore sold to the highest offer.


MRMacrum said...

Seems to me furriners already own most anything worth owning. What with all that Debt they bought up over the years. We go down, a sizable chunk of World Finance goes with us.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

Let's start with the ranch in Crawford, then Kennybunkport, then Cheney's safehouse, and when we're done with the Government criminals, start with the CEOs mansions, then Congresspeople's.

BBC said...

It won't effect me much, I'll just continue living my life and dealing with what I have to deal with, been doing that for 65 years.

I need to make a fruit press though, may as well turn these apples and pears into some good juice.

Snave said...

Maybe I should think about helping my mom put in a big garden out in her backyard. She knows how to can fruit and vegetables, maybe I need to get her to teach Mrs. Snave and me how to do it. Those who already know how to successfully garden and put up food may be in a better situation in the coming years than those of us who don't. Gas lines today, bread lines tomorrow?

Contemplating what things might look like in America in 8 or 10 years, or even sooner? It is pretty disheartening to think it might end up looking like the USSR. I need to try for some cheerier thoughts.

I like Northcountryliberal's idea. If things continue in the current vein, many of those properties might be destroyed before they can be sold...

As Americans begin to realize the pie is big enough that maybe we all ought to be getting a bigger piece of it, I wonder if people are going to be asking for more pie in a polite manner, or if they might carry torches and pitchforks and simply not bother to make a request. Why not just take it? 8-) Seems like there is enough to go around, anyway.

Sorry to be so gloomy here... I guess the thought of a national bankruptcy just doesn't lend itself to snarky humor or jests.

BBC, you have a good attitude.

Cool Avatars said...

Make prostitution legal and taxable.
Make mary j legal and taxable.

Create adult theme parks where all this is available. Hell, we can even make it look like Amsterdam. We can call up Disneyland to construct it and Larry Flint can be the head of Human Resources and employ the workers.

I'd buy a season pass to that. how's that for greasing the gears of our economy?

Demeur said...

Mac- I think we still have a few things left to sell.

NCL- I don't think anybody would want the ghosts that go with those properties.

BBC- You'll be around after the whole thing crashes for sure.

Snave- Monkeyfister has some great info for growing and canning at his blog. Check the left hand side of his site:
Cheer up life goes on we're not dead yet.

Cool- That might be cool. No smoking and driving though. We've got too many idiots on cell phones that can't drive right.

BBC said...

The oil filters are always in a place you can't get to.

Tell me about it, I worked in Ford dealerships for years. And each year the engineering would get more stupid. But it gave me something to bitch about.

The fact that they have better drugs than we do and can fuck things up faster, ha ha ha.

The Ranger I started working on today has sat for a few years and now has a number of problems to figure out.

Like why is the clutch not working right. Why isn't the electric fuel pump getting power to it, why isn't the fuel injectors getting electric signals to them, etc.

So it was just pretty much a check out day. Ran hot wires to the pump and it works, poured gas in the intake and the engine fires up okay.

Removed the clutch master cylinder (a pain in the ass) and it seems okay. But I think I can save it and will just start chipping away at it.

The truck he is giving me is pretty interesting though, will post a picture of it soon.

Wayne said...

Ah hell...people have been smoking and driving since Model T's were all the rage...why quit now?

Cell phones, yes. Don't you dare touch my smoke though....regardless of if I'm trying to

jaf said...

First the Carlyle Group, then KBR, after that sell the Bush/Cheney/McCain/Romney/Palin/Frist children.