Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beavers and the state of the economy

Went up to the DOL yesterday to get my car tabs and I noticed a strange thing. Usually it takes twenty minutes to get there and there's always about a half hour wait. This may be anecdotal but there was only two cars ahead of me on the way up there. It was clear sailing all the way and only hit one traffic light. When I got there the place had more workers than customers, shock shock.
Looking around my neighborhood I see more cars parked during the day indicating either reduced hours or lay offs. I know some companies have gone to a four day work week but many I've talked to have had their hours cut for lack of work.

I think boobies and beavers are smarter than us. They go with the flow of nature not wanting to build Mcmansions or have large caches of food. They don't need electricity, indoor plumbing, the internet or any of the other trappings we can't seem to live without and yet they still survive. It's strange to think that my grandmother lived in a time when there was no electricity, indoor plumbing or cars and she lived a long and full life. So you have to ask yourself do we really need all this stuff? We've become nothing more than junk collectors. You go around to a garage sale and see the very items you've got stashed in the back closet that you haven't used in the last six years or maybe it broke and you threw it away because you really didn't need it in the first place. Bought it, used it a couple of times and now it collects dust. As William once said "what fools these mortals be".


Distributorcap said...

it is amazing all the crap were are persuaded to own...

i have 5 pairs of sneakers -- why? who needs them.

who needs to spend $1000 for a suit or $250 for a haircut.

simpler would be so much better, but then we wouldnt be feeding the beast that is keep us down.

BBC said...

I keep things as simple as I can, but the women here are empire builders, or just too screwed up to have a relationship with because they never lose any of their old baggage.

Yeah, that's them, they are the most fun I have around here. They build them to race on the streets and the water, and the speeches and such are a riot. I wouldn't miss them for anything.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

----less is more----why complicate one's life with having to make so many tiny little decisions, like which pair of shoes to wear (one good pair is all ya need), do ya need more than one tv in the house (very little worth watching on it at best), our great grand parents worked hard, but damn if they didn't live better.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

Been to Southern California lately?

An old friend of mine took up Budhism, named himself Negaku, bought a small farm in NNY, and is living a simple life.

He had a good blog with a window into his life as a semi-hermit until he had to drop his internet service.

We're still in touch and he is still making changes to simplify his life and live it like Budha.

If you want to see some of his old posts check out