Friday, September 26, 2008

Got to get busy

Need to head out for a bit. The car tabs are due and there's this bank that's about to change their rules. Be back later so do me a favor and behave yourselves. Hey and no wild parties while I'm gone. Heard the police nearly showed up the last time.


Wayne said...

Aw dad, why?

*hey Billy, hide that bong!*

Anonymous said...

Hey Demeur. I fixed things back at the outhouse!!! Drop in.

BBC said...

Since moving here ten years ago my bank has been sold and changed names four times.

Guess I've just been lucky, not much has changed and I've always been treated well.

It's a Wells Fargo now and I have no complaint with them. Of course this is a small town and I do go in there a lot to admire their boobs so they all know me and treat me well.

But I don't let the larger company take me for anything. All I have there is a free checking account and a safety deposit box.

And I have one of their credit cards and it's the lowest rate of any of my credit cards, not that I ever use it much.

And I read their paper and eat their cookies and drink their coffee.

Na, they're not making a cent off of me.

BBC said...

You're not working right now? Come over to Port Townsend next weekend for the kinetics races. They are a lot of fun, I go every year.

The main race is on Sunday, Oct. 3rd, but I'm going over on Saturday and spending the night in my camper on the street because I keep hearing about how much the grand ball is.

I've blogged about it a number of times and here is a link to one of the posts.

Port Townsend