Thursday, September 25, 2008

This will become commonplace shortly

A father drops off his nine children at a hospital in Omaha. I have a feeling he had no other choice. I know what you're thinking he shouldn't have had nine children to start with but things like that happen. Maybe he had a thriving business until everything went to hell we don't know. There are at present almost no safety nets in place for families hitting hard times. Here in the northwest there's a six month waiting list for housing and the food banks here are nearly empty. One women's shelter almost closed last week and the rest are running short of food and funds.

Sad for Dad

The more I look at the current economic situation the more I think it may be worse than 1929 and the 30s.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

sounds like in your area of the coungry everyone has bought into the Leftist dogma, and climbed on the wagon and are waiting for government handouts. (nobody wants to pull the wagon)---the leftist controlled democratic party controls congress so new freebies will be coming soon, hang in there. (I know they havn't done anything for the last two years, but give them time ---they might be waiting for "The Messiah" to mount his throne and guide them.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

oops, "coungry" should have read "country"---my baad.

Wayne said...

I think this time around will be worse. Now that these big-wigs have had a chance to work the system for such a long time, it will take even more effort than before to restore us to our former glory.


Dawn on MDI said...

Gary has his head up his ass. Pay him no mind.

History may well repeat itself. The financial situation now is as dire as it was then, only we sheep are less aware than our forbears were. Things have the potential to get really, really bad. I do not know if our government, both D and R and the few I will be able to reach an agreement and create a plan that will work without causing further damage. Now is not the time for posturing. Now is the time for help, oversight, and investigation and prevention.

Do not think for a moment that I am interested in a government handout, mister "old dude". I work hard - very hard - for what I earn and I am unashamed to sweat and get blisters in the process. What I DO want to see is the people who have been most hurt by this crisis, the ones who have lost their life savings and their retirement accounts, to be reimbursed in some way. I'd love to see prosecution and punitive punishment for the boneheads who played so fast and loose with other peoples' money.

And if you're so old, that would indicate that you're drawing Social Security, right? Enjoy my tax money, old man. And shut up about government programs or else send the check back every month and buy your own private health insurance.

BBC said...

I don't care if they were doing good at one time, I did okay in my youth also, but I still kept it to two kids, you just never know what might befall you.

dawnonmdi..... "Enjoy my tax money, old man. And shut up about government programs or else send the check back every month and buy your own private health insurance."

Fuck you, I worked hard all my life making others richer with few benefits to me.

I'm not sending those checks back, I payed into them all my life and I've earned them.

I don't know how old you are, but after a quick look at your blog I'm not going to accuse you of having much for brains. :-)

Dawn on MDI said...


Been called worse by better.

Demeur said...

I hate to let Gary know it but he's about to be screwed three ways from Sunday and they won't even leave a mint on the pillow and it's all from the party he supports.
Investment incomes are down by 1/3. I assume he's got his retirement in bonds or CDs. Their rates are going to fall like a rock. Then with in influx of that cash into the market you'll see inflation go rampant. That can of Dinty Moore (his fav) could go for $10 a can shortly. Then the killer, taxes. You can't cut taxes any more and expect to maintain services. We saw what's happened in California. And of course cities facing shortfalls will raise property taxes. I'm sure the rethugs would love to privatize medicare and social security making more money for their friends. That of course would cost those on fixed income even more money. Look at the mess they made of the drug plan.
So Gary you can just rah rah the rethugs right to your grave.

BBC said...

Dawn wouldn't know what better is, but its not of any matter to me.

Anyway, things over here are still rolling along for now and I have good and secure shelter and backup plans and more frigging food than I can figure out what to do with.

This may change, in fact I expect it to change. But I'm good with it, hell, there is more food out there in the forests than I will ever need.

I only eat about once a day anyway, I eat to live, not live to eat.

Take almost everything away from me and I will still get by just fine, been there, done that, without whining.

So, Dawn, get your ass back to work for whatever it is you think you are working for.

BBC said...

I wonder if her gay tits like to be sucked.

Hey, just wondering. I don't know if she is a natural gay or one of these fucked up gays that society produces.

Dawn on MDI said...

Gary - How pathetic it must be to wake up every day and be you.

Demeur - my apologies, sir host, for fomenting this impolite discourse. Rather than engage further with my profoundly offensive adversary, I shall withdraw from further comment for a while. Your site deserves better than what we have seen here today. Please accept my apologies for my role in this unseemly display.

Dawn on MDI said...

My error.
My comment should have been directed at BOTH gary AND bbc.
Now I shall withdraw.

Demeur said...

Well I thought about stepping in with my black and white striped shirt but why bother. You are what you are and billy is what he is. Unfortunately Gary is clueless. We're all just monkeys on this rock.

Distributorcap said...


between the absolutely clueless and braindead gary and the nasty bbc... this was quite the thread