Thursday, July 10, 2008

An answer to Gary's question

Reader Gary points out that I'm against a lot of things and he wants to know what I'm FOR

gjg said...
its easy to be against something,---but its hard to be FOR something. You have made it clear you hate all republicans, for being republicans, but what are you FOR?----show us what your are for----thats what promotes YOU.

So Here goes...
What am I FOR?
I'm FOR wiretaps with a warrent. 4th ammendment
I'm FOR due process.
I'm FOR treating prisoners like human beings.
I'm FOR free speech. 1st ammendment
I'm FOR the constitution.
I'm FOR America not being sold out to corporations both domestic and foreign.
I'm FOR a sane energy policy not one put together behind closed doors in secret.
I'm FOR renewable clean energy.
I'm FOR our troops being out of Iraq.
I'm FOR proper health care for all americans especially our vets who have been treated like second class citizens.
I'm FOR companies that keep their operations here in the U.S. and not send them over seas.
I'm FOR a government that is for the people.
I'm FOR actually funding programs like FEMA.
I'm FOR putting competant people in those programs.
I'm FOR education.
I'm FOR rewarding good educators.
I'm FOR people making a living wage.
I'm FOR rebuilding our failing infrastructure.
I'm FOR safe food.
I'm FOR keeping toxic things out of the environment.
I'm FOR not privatizing social security.
I'm FOR fair elections.
I'm FOR all the things most republicans are against.

Is that enough for you Gary or should I continue the list?


GJG said...

Thats a damn good list, I couldn't find anything on it that I wasn't for also---considering I AM a republican---go figure? Anyway glad to see you can promote your likes in a positive way----rather than in a negative way-----looking forward to your positive arguments on various positions.


Demeur said...

I guess you're not a true republican then because that's about everyting they are against.

Wayne said...

*Giving a standing ovation*

More! More! More! Maybe someone on the hill will get a f**king clue!

Especially for our vets...especially.

pygalgia said...

Thank you for listing these. Often we find ourselves so strongly against the 'wrongs' that we forget to espouse the 'rights'.

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