Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm from KBR I'm here to help

Yeah right.

Our boys in Iraq are getting electrocuted because KBR ( you remember the no bid contractors tied to Cheney busy sucking from the government trough) has hired cheap Iraqi subcontractors for a few bucks a day to do wiring in the U.S. troop housing.

Yeah we support the troops

This is I guess what happens when you give no bid contracts with no oversight. Just wonder how much they stole from us for this work.

Here's a glimpse from:
Take it from sombody's who's been there


MRMacrum said...

This aspect of the military over the last 30 years is probably the most troubling for me to think about. Yes, contractors have always been used to some degree in every conflict. But never like they are being used now.

Arguments like it is cheaper than doing it themselves is hogwash. As the Head Budget Officer for PACAF, my father's specialty in the service his last 15 years was procurment and oversight. He dealt one on one with the private sector who were intent on sucking at the teat of the military. He had many tales of waste not through government mishandling but through padded and outright criminal billing practices from many of the contractors.

That the use of contractors frees up more grunts to actually carry guns and fight may have some merit.

But the bottom line is the system is fraught with corruption and is ending up making this war entirely more expensive than it needs to be.

Add in the "secret army" mentality of this conflict to the mix and what we have is a very troubling picture of what may be in our future. Armies killing people under our name but not under the direct control of the US Government. That is truly scary.

Bustednuckles said...

Ya have to be an ignorant sonofabitch to be wiring shit and have people getting electrocuted in the shower.
The fact that this is being reported on tells me there are one hell of a bunch of ignorant sonsabitches who have tools in their hands who shouldn't have.

Unfortunately I can already see there will be zero accountability for this just like the rest of this bunch of criminals.
Pises me the fuck off, too.