Thursday, July 10, 2008

I hope they arrest this SOB

No one is or should be above the law.


By logic Rove is no longer a part of the executive and therefore no longer has executive privilage.


GJG said...

in that the Democrats have become the majority in the congress, it means the chairmen of the various congressional committess must be democratic----and as such, they set the agenda of what the committee wishes to investigate----its the natural order of things---and represents the beauty of our checks and balances in our government. Yes as a Republican I find these proceedings awkward and imbarrassing---but I fully understand why they are being held, and if the positions of the two parties were reversed---I am sure YOU also would understand it----as long as they are NOT changing the rules of this game its all cool, you win some, you lose some---the game goes on.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

"But the agenda was different during the Clinton administration. The government reform panel alone, for example, issued 1,052 subpoenas related to investigations of the Clinton administration and the Democratic National Committee from 1997 to 2002, and only 11 subpoenas related to allegations of Republican abuse.
before the impeachment hearings -- the Clinton White House staff had spent more than 55,000 hours responding to more than 300 congressional requests,"

"the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, aggressively delving into alleged misconduct by the Clinton administration, logged 140 hours of sworn testimony into whether former president Bill Clinton had used the White House Christmas card list to identify potential Democratic donors."

From the Boston Globe

MRMacrum said...

After the shameful manner in which the Republicans hogtied this country chasing a man they hated, I have no sympathy for Rove. That he is trying to weasel out of facing the music he helped to write, fits well into the myth he has built for himself. He deserves what he is getting.

What bothers me the most is the mindset of the Republicans who do not see anything wrong with his behaviour and act as if the Demnocrats are on some sort of witch hunt. How quickly they forget their own righteous indignation that led them on their own really stupid witch hunt 12 years ago. What a bunch of morons.