Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Salmonella different strains same result

There are 2500 strains of Salmonella and now Denmark is faced with the same problem as we face here in the U.S. only difference is the strain. The Danes suspect that the outbreak came from meat but like us they are not sure. Their government appears to be looking under every rock and possibility.

Let me slip on the tin foil hat for a moment. What better way to wreck havac on an economy and psyche than to incorporate a bacteria into a population. It has the population wondering is it in vegtables or beef and what is safe to eat?

The Sal you don't want to meet


Distributorcap said...

i just read denmark is the happiest country on earth

i guess that salmonella might put a crimp in it

GJG said...

Heard Ralph's supermarket was recalling its hamburger and giving back credit to all who bought hamburger at their stores since May 21st??---damn already ate the damn stuff----am I dead yet? what do ya mean I need a receipt??

Demeur said...

Don't you just love it when you get the notice a week or two later. It's happened to me twice. And these clowns in charge are still working on the recommendations they got last year for fixing the problem. Sorry but this might cost you tax dollars, oh no we can't have that. We need those precious taxes to rebuild somebody elses country... snark!

MRMacrum said...

If we wanted to really screw that tin foil hat on a tad tighter, we could come up with a scenario that has the US government involved in this somehow. What better way to build more distrust and widen that gap between the terrorist paronoid and the islamic whackos than to plant a little bacteria here and there and then spin it so it looks like a threat from the Osama Bin Laden gang. ;)

Wayne said...

Are you being the conspiracy theorist now? Love it!

I was told to be more like the Swiss, uninvolved, hahaha. I'll save face that way.

But, do you really think the government would actually release something like this, or take advantage of an existing situation and blow it for their own purposes? I prefer to think the latter.

Interesting none-the-less