Thursday, July 17, 2008

How does this work?

I always thought that when you hit 65 or older depending on what the new rules are you could collect Social Security but that you could not earn more than a certain amount or you would not be considered retired. Anybody out there know the rules on this?

Seems John McCain a fully employed senator is collecting Social Security. He gets a check for around $1900 a month while earning $169,000 a year for his senate position. His wife earned 6 million dollars last year.

Social Security and McCain

Now I have no objection to anyone collecting social security no matter how much they made during their working life, but to collect it while you're still making over $100K a year and your wife is a millionaire just seems wrong. The system was set up as an aid for retirees to "supplement" retirement income. We did after all pay into the system. We should at least get out of it what we paid into it.

McCain of course is totally against the system that he so gladly will use to his advantage.


GJG said...

I read the article you linked in the post. I don't understande how you can read it and say McCain is AGAINST Social Security? In the article he points out the Social Security Program is in dire straights, paying out money faster than its taking it in, he calls this a "Disgrace". You also fail to mention that in 2007 McCain donated $105,467 to charity, almost five times what he collected in his earned Social Security benifits. Whats Obama's position on Social Security, how will he fix it? You do know of course that the government workers do not participate in SS, but have an even more generous program of their own---now THYAT is a REAL Disgrace.

Wayne said...

What I amusing is that he acknowledges that it is broken, and will no longer be available, yet he continues to cash his checks when he is making so much money!

I think it would be a wise move for him to actually reject his SS benefits outright. That would actually make me consider voting for him...that one act alone would show so much, yet, we'll probably never see that from anyone in a position like that.

What a sad set of goons we have in our government.

Hell, I won't get anything from it when I'm ready at this rate.

Demeur said...

Just wonder how that is going to work out should McCain actually retire. Would he get disability, SS and the government retirement plan? If he has to choose you know which one he'll pick. The government plan is something like 80% of your last pay level.
I personnally would love to have a senators' medical coverage. I hear it's first rate.