Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One of the many reasons I hate republicans

A 61 year old librarian was removed and sighted for tresspasing from a PUBLIC McCain event in Colorado for having a McCain=Bush sign.

Freedom of Speech?

Yeah John you have to watch out for those youngins they could cause trouble.


GJG said...

a person arrives at a scheduled public meeting identifying themselves as a protestor (aka waving signs)---obviously not there to allow others to hear whatever is to be stated in the scheduled meeting---Freedom of speech is in allowing the speech to be given----not trying to stop it from being given---thats why I hate those that insist it has to be their way or forgetaboutit---

One Fly said...

If you would like to help Carol Kreck in defense of all of our First Amendment rights go here.

Wayne said...

This is how they roll I guess, and you know what, it really shows what type of person McCain really is. If he feels he needs to silence those that oppose him, what the hell do you think he'll do to America then???

Aye yai yai! When will it end?

You tell me where to be and I'll be there to help the fight!

Wayne said...

Disturbing...just watched the video on one flys link. Yup...

McCain = Bush