Friday, July 25, 2008

Beat your feet on the Mississippi oil?

Forget about the millions of dollars of damage to fishing shrimping and other commerce, but God forbid I should smell fuel oil while haveing dinner in the French Quarter. There'll be hell to pay if that happens!

What's that smell?

As I said in my earlier post they only got a fraction of the oil that was spilled. And they didn't have to read my post to realize the stench that fuel oil leaves behind.

Note to government: Stop letting Liberian registered ships into our waters. How many have sank or broken up over the years?


GJG said...

People will put up with said inconviences for just so long---then they will resolve them. I use the word "inconvience" as those not directly affected see it as being an inconvience for those affected, whereas those affected see it as the major disastor that it is. In todays 24/7 breaking news world---and oil spill is almost on the same level as automobile fatality counts---(notice how they don't publish them in the papers anymore?) (an old maxim---"out of sight, out of mind"?

BBC said...

These fucking monkeys will do anything for their oil, including one day invading Texas and any other place that has it.

No, I don't pull any punches, like it says on my coffee cup. I'M SURROUNDED BY FUCKIN' IDIOTS.

Demeur said...

Here's one for you.

Sign in the airport management office:

"If idiots were airplanes I'd be at the airport."