Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Saw a blurb on the news last night about young kids needing statins. You know, the colesteral drugs for overweight people with heart problems. Sorry but I'm not buying it. Is there a weight problem with kids today? Of course there is because schools have installed snack machines with all the junk food they could ever want. If that wasn't bad enough most schools have eliminated PE - gym classes and paved over playgrounds so teachers can park their cars. I even wonder if there is a physical requirement other than be warm and breathing to graduate.
So if these kids are experiencing colesteral problems I'd say they are either cheating on their diets or have a genetic problem which is very rare. My second guess on this is that the Pharmacutical companies are pushing this to increase profits. Figure it this way. Many of the boomers will be eating dirt in the not too distant future so where are they going to sell their drugs. I noticed that Japan is cracking down on fast foods they imported from us. If China is smart they'll do the same.

That reminds me I need to get back into shape before work calls.


GJG said...

I loved PE class in jr hs---almost every sunny day would be out playing dodge ball with the game being guys versus the girls---the girls had this big tall rangy colored girl, who could throw that ball like a bullet---acouple five times trying to jump over it, didn't make it and the ball would knock my feet out from underme and drop me on my butt but good----her name was Wanda----man loved Dodgeball time.

Wayne said...

Not only that, but there is something to be said about how we coddle the youth of today as well. Eliminating spankings, soft and cushy playground equipment instead of the metal bars we had...sad...quite sad.

BTW, lost your email, wanted to share this with you: http://www.lively.com/html/landing.html

Looks like your idea may see the light of day after all...I need to look into it and figure it out really quick...just hope I don't need to blog on how to find the classroom too...hahahaha

Demeur said...

We did gymnastics, track , basketball and wrestling as I recall. Always had to run a lap before and after the class. Like to see kids try that now.
Yeah that's the basic idea. I'm sure you could polish up the graphics and make it look great. You could always put a map in the opening screen shot ie you are here. Sound like a good idea to you?