Monday, July 28, 2008

Why do we have to spy on our own government?

An email has disclosed that EPA is not to discuss any matter with a congressional investigation. Specifically this deals with how the EPA is responding to and enforcing laws on water pollution and global warming. It (EPA) ignored a petition by California to incorporate stricter standards on greenhouse gases.

EPA tight lipped

Got news for Bush and the EPA cronies. A state may institute stricter laws and guidlines. EPA regs are a minimum.


Anonymous said...

The Reason the EPA won't discuss their investigation with anyone is because they are wacked out environmentalists and are most of the time talking out of their bottoms.
I for one am not for any far left wacko running my life. This is the USA.

Demeur said...

Hey Anon
I've got some great property in New York you might be interested in. However there's this certain ditch running through the middle of it. You'll love it there. Guarenteed to give you one or all of the following: cancer, central nervous system damage, breathing problems and a host of other health problems. I can get it for you real cheap and you'll love the name. It's called the Love Canal. The nations first superfund site and one of the reasons the EPA was set up.
Hey can I dump my nuclear waste in your backyard.? I'm sure you wouldn't mind since you don't want those far left wakos telling you what you can do.

BBC said...

What a stupid fucking question. Because they are a bunch of crooked motherfuckers.

That's why.

America was founded by crooked motherfuckers in case you have never noticed.

Demeur said...

Just stating a fact Bill. If they stick there noses in my business I should be able to put my snoot in theirs right?
Cool stove by the way. I'd like to do something like that for the winter.

MRMacrum said...

Anonymous seems to have over indulged in the kool aid.

But he is right about one thing though. This is the USA.