Friday, July 11, 2008

Being forclosed on? Here's some help

I was going to slip this post in some time earlier this week but it slipped my mind. I hope this might help somebody who's about to loose their home. If you aren't one of those you might want to file this for the future just in case. You never know in this economy.

Notes? my dog ate the note

Hat tip to Randi Rhodes


Wayne said...

Good find! Hopefully we won't have to ever read this while trying to find a way to save our homes!

GJG said...

I think this is utterly fan-fucking-PHEENominally great---lets stick it to those greedy banks who granted the credit to those people who just couldn't afford it, but were to ignorant to know it, and allowed themselves to be sold a bill of goods----(razzle dazzle em bankers should be drawn and quartered, I have no sympathy for them----but my heart goes out to those losing their homes they had been told they could afford, when it was obviously a lie.