Monday, July 21, 2008

I've heard it all now

McCain is now blaming Obama for the high price of gas.

Hello! who's been the acting president of this country for the last 7+ years?
Who promised to "talk" to the Saudis about the high prices when gas was $2.50 a gallon?
Who's held the power in the congress and senate for the last 6+ years?

The amount of oil gained by drilling more of the off shore leases would amount to about SIX MONTHS SUPPLY of what this country uses in any given year. LOOK IT UP DUMBYS!


MRMacrum said...

Mccain blaming Obama for anything is a joke.

But one thing I am puzzled about. Your comment on how much oil off shore drilling could produce. Wasn't there a huge find off the coast of Louisiana a couple of years ago? I remember reading about something like 15 billion barrels were possible. That translates to about enough to power our mopeds for 2 years.

But the problem in my mind and for the short term (next 20 years) is no matter how much oil we pump, it will most likely not be refined in this country. Our refineries are not up to the task. Won't that mean we will continue to import it at a higher cost than if it was refined here in the States?

Demeur said...

Well if supplys are so short then why are we exporting so much petro products. So that's another lie that's being laid on us. See the following article:

The last issue is global warming. We've got about a ten year time frame to do something about that before it's too late.

MRMacrum said...

I like this quote from one the oil industry idiots - "John Felmy, the chief economist at the American Petroleum Institute, said a portion of the oil products exported, especially diesel, was fuel that did not meet U.S. clean air requirements and therefore could not be sold in America. "You may have some that you're not able to use," he said."

So exporting diesel that is not okay to burn here is okay to burn in Singapore. Like they breathe from a different pool of air than we do. Which ties in with your's and probably my view of global warming. "It's the planet stupid, not the house next door."

I will say I did not know we exported so much refined petroleum. Thanks for the link.

GJG said...

It being an election year, a lot of 30 second headline sound bites are gonna be blasted around. I have to agree, we, the USA need to further develope our own oil offshore oil fields as well as the Alaska area. I can't agree that penalizing the oil companies with higher taxes will cause the price of oil to come down. If the Saudi's decide not to increase production to bring the price down, what would you have us do? I read the article regardng the exporting of refined petroleum products from the USA---now that I agree is questionable---in that it equates to almost 9% of our daily usage here in this country?

BBC said...

McCain, rolls eyes, fuck that little christian monkey. It's just a bunch of political monkeys screwing around. They can't do any more about the price of gas than anyone else can so just adjust to it.

Frankly, I would like to see it hit ten bucks a gallon, that may force other ways.

I try to keep my gas use to one tank a month, mostly for camping trips and transporting Helen around so even if it gets to ten bucks a gallon it isn't going to kill me to pay a 140 bucks for a tank of gas.

The only thing is that it will raise the price of my beer but that is life, I've dealt with a lot of things in 65 years and I will deal with that also.

Damn sure not going to give up with my choice of Prozac while I'm here.

Demeur said...

Only problem there ($10 gas) is when the truckers shut down their rigs and you start to have food shortages and no beer.

Wayne said...

No beer...people will take a serious stand

Sometimes I think calling oil quits entirely is what we should focus on, instead of where we can get more to reduce the price. Our dependence on that crap is what we need to curb.

MRMacrum said...

Dependence on oil is like sucking your thumb. You hate that you need it, but you still stick it in your mouth.

PoliShifter said...

A main consevative Republican nut job theme emerging right now is to blame Obama for everything and anything they can think of.

I've even heard them say that it's Obama who is running for a third Bush term..

They are desperate and employing the kitchen sink strategy. They are throwing everything at the wall and trying to see what sticks.