Friday, April 27, 2012

Beaver Friday and she's armed

Cruising through the headlines we see little has changed in Syria. A blast yesterday killed a bunch more even as everybody was told to knock it off. I see little to no good in sending observers. What would they do? "Yep here comes another Syrian Army tank and it's firing on that apartment building." This said as the observer runs for cover. Sorry UN we already witnessed much of the atrocities live right here on the web. It's my opinion that when a nation turns on its' own people many of whom are women and children then it's lost its' right to sovereignty. Without some type of due process then we are nothing more than an uncivil mob going by the rules of the jungle.

In looking through the news today I see nothing of our current conflict in Afghanistan. This for all practical purposes has become the forgotten war. Oh there may be a report of a casualty or two in local media but for the most part it's been an information black out. And exactly what is our mission there? I don't think even the generals could answer that question. We went to go after Bin Laden and that was successful last year. If we have this delusion that somehow we're going to turn that area of the world into some functioning nation we'd better think again or better yet read their history. Afghanistan never really has been and will probably never be a nation with a central government. You can't force groups of people to act as a unit when it's not in their nature. They were a region made up of tribes and clans for centuries so their loyalties are local and not national. As soon as we resign ourselves to that fact and depart the sooner they can go about their business. It may not be a pretty life by our standards but it is theirs' none the less.

We now are coming up on the anniversary of Bin Ladens' demise. Wonder what threat level we are at present. They did away with the color coding. And they spent a lot of energy trying to scare us over the last few years which by the way only works for just so long. We are now at emergency alert fatigue. No specific threats isn't going to get anyone in a more vigilant mood and just what suspicious activities should we be looking for anyway? Someone carrying a backpack? Ninety five percent of people using public transportation carries a backpack. And as forgetful as we are it's not unusual to see one left lying around. Maybe a good excuse when the teacher asks "where's your homework". Didn't think the ATF would blow up my bag. So much for the new ipod along with last nights' assignment.

Somehow over the last ten years we've gotten to a very ugly chapter of world history. The crudeness and lack of decorum have become prevalent. No longer do we hold back for a more learned approach to any situation but blare out a gut reaction without first getting all the facts. Stop if you will and contemplate any given situation. Then do a little research before opening your trap. You may find that things are not as you thought they were but then again sometimes they are.

Bank fails as always unless I forget.

Bank update 5 banks failed this week in MD SC MN and Cal. Hard to say what states will be affected in the future but one things for sure this isn't over yet.


BBC said...

even as everybody was told to knock it off.


That's my kind of beaver, can I have a date with her?

I fully expect our nation to turn on us one day, it's fully geared to protect itself from us.

The news headlines will be the same, just a different location, reporting from home.

Demeur said...

That kind of beaver just might blow your nuts off Billy.

I played around with the word press and can't say I'm thrilled with it either. Hard to get the layout just right. But I just may keep it as a back up.

BBC said...

Sure, play with word press for a while to figure things out before taking it public, I don't like how the comments work in it and the fact that our Goggle profile pics don't show up in it.

Five banks hey? Well the big banks are telling the government that they're not bad.

Randal Graves said...

Afghanistan? There's a whole country where you can buy blankets?

Wordpress is too wonky.

BBC said...

We'll be going back to Afghanistan someday, as tourists.

I wonder how long it will take them to get that dude out of his bunker now that he's trapped like a rat.

The Blog Fodder said...

It is a gopher not a beaver and part of the Canadian army, so there.
BBC, your nation will turn on you and it already has.

BBC said...

Of course it has, we don't have the government we want and it's geared to protect itself from us at all costs, and we'll be expected to pay for the rebellion.

BBC said...

We can't change this government by trying to change things through it and voting.

BBC said...

Through a rebellion the government will continue to collect taxes from us so it can feed the military to whup up on us.

Unless the military decides the government is also bullshit and takes our side.

BBC said...

In any event, I expect things to get mighty interesting.

BBC said...

We see in the news all the time what happens when we rebel against our governments.

BBC said...

Me thinks it would be pretty hard to get most of the employers in this country to stop sending in our tax dollars.

Bustednuckles said...

Oh, it just gets better and better Demeur,
read it and weep,