Wednesday, April 18, 2012

News you can't use and could probably care less about

From the mundane to the ridiculous scouring the four corners of the globe to find stories of great personal interest we find more of the same daily banter packaged and repackaged for your reading displeasure. At least it ain't Fox News.

From the rocker set we have Ted Nugent ranting about the prez. Careful Ted those words could get you a one way ticket to Gitmo. Time to change his meds maybe?

Just no respect for the dead. First it was a news report from Iraq with the departed used as footrests then photos of the war time urinal. Now rather than take a luger or sword it's photos of body parts. What are these guys ghouls? Never saw this after WWII.

Then there's Syria. While most countries in that area would love nothing more than to have us exit their presents the folks in Syria would love nothing more than a little help stopping their dear leader from slaughtering them along with their women and children. Karzi however would love nothing more than have us leave but kindly keep the billion dollar checks coming if you would.

What news would be complete without the latest provocative dress faux pas or half naked or completely naked photo shoot by the latest nearly unknown actress/singer/dancer/entertainer wannabe. Dresses slit up the side all the way up to your shoulders might get a second of attention but if you ain't got talent then I think Walmart could use some better looking greeters. And no Mr. or Mrs. Greeter maybe I don't want to have a nice day. I'm trying something different and expect a crappy day that way I won't be so disappointed.

Scheming, conniving, low down dirty thieves. What news would be complete without the latest embezzlement whether it be from the girl-scout fundraiser or the cocaine hooker laced junket by (fill in most any government agency). Oh but don't get caught stealing pencils from the office storage room. You won't make head line news but justice will be far swifter. Oh and boys it would have been far cheaper to just pay your tab and be done with it.

Don't forget the Ponzi schemes. There in lies the problem. Our entire global economy is one great Ponzi scheme. Think about that for a sec. What country on earth doesn't have some kind of debt? Okay the Saudis maybe rolling in the (what ever they call their shekels) but once the oil runs out the party will be over and they'll have a hard time selling the Rolls. Reminds me I need to take stock of my ever dwindling assets.

So there's the titillating tell all tales of today. More trash tomorrow. Darn I missed National Cleavage Day.


BBC said...

So you are shooting to be our news whore?

Man, I'll take cleavage on any day I can get it.

Roger Owen Green said...

As a friend of mine wrote, "If you invite Ted Nugent into your house and he pisses on your couch, it's your fault for taking him seriously as a human being."

S.W. Anderson said...

Nugent, Glenn Beck and Rep. Alan West belong in adjacent rooms with doors that lock from the outside at some out-of-the-way asylum. In the same wing with so-called tea party members of Congress. If only we still had asylums.

Randal Graves said...

The Nuge is wango wacko, but I'm more wary of the machine.

I do find it comical that there's more talking hairpiece outrage over the corpse than how the corpse became a corpse in the first place.

Demeur said...

That's high paid escort Billy. I don't work cheap.

Roger he needed some way to get out of the draft.

SW I hear there'll be plenty of room there after budget cuts.

Randal it was the aftermath of umm what's the term for blowing oneself up?

The Blog Fodder said...

In the 90's someone did a quick and dirty tally of the amount of debt each country had. Figured the debt of many countries eg Philippines was about equal to the amount of money illegally removed from the country and invested in offshore or

Stacywggy said...

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