Monday, April 9, 2012

Such cheery news

Nothing like waking up to such bright and wonderful news. No Folgers in this cup. Maybe this is an Easter hangover from the news guys. Grab the first thing off the news spiders and slap it up there. Oh I forgot it's all automatic with some brainiacs' algorithm but then again some monkey had to pound the keys at some point. Was this just a load of scheduled posts as Clark Kent grabbed his fedora on they way out on Friday? But they told me the news never sleeps. Looks like the curtain is slowly coming down on the 60 Minutes crew. R.I.P. Andy and Mike. I don't see any young blood injected into that Geritol set. And I don't think "twice the iron of a pound of calves liver" will help even these guys although 12% alcohol must have had preservative powers. That said I throw my snarky comments at the headline news.

Navy deploys 2nd aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf
Thought we already had 2 in the Gulf. Is this rotation propaganda?
10-year-old girl gives birth to daughter
Man they're starting young these days and parents want to eliminate sex ed from high school?
Doomsday shelters line Kansas missile silo
That's exactly what our enemies want to bomb, a bunch of corn fields in Kansas.
China's gravity-defying economy: How hard will it fall?
Does this mean America is wising up and buying American? Oh that's right we don't manufacture much anymore, never mind.
Start of 2012 shatters U.S. heat records
Move along no global warming to see here.
'Anonymous' says it plans more attacks against China sites
Only fair since they do the same to us.
Gunfire along Syrian border kills journalist
No easy place to get a story these days. Even citizen journalists aren't reporting from there.
White House Easter Egg Roll: Hopping with history
Is that Elmer Fudd I see in the bushes? "Kill the wabbit!"
Santorum's closing window for a graceful exit
That guys' window was closed and locked a long time ago. They do have bars on the windows at the sanitarium right?

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Randal Graves said...

Doomsday silos ain't so funny now, are they, hippie?