Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dopa is mine. Get your own

(Wouldn't you know it I look for an image for dope and a rock group pops up. Are they running out of names?)

Sex drugs rock and roll, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, cocaine, pick your poison or favorite method of tickling your pleasure centers. It's just yet another facet of our complexly simple selves. We may be simpletons on the outside but the internals work like clock work flipping switches with enzymes and hormones and various proteins.

So what's your fixation? What blows the wind up your skirt? Come on don't tell me you don't have some devilish pleasure hiding in the frontal cortex.

I have a theory about all this as it's another piece of the puzzle that makes us us. Dopamine receptors. That little understood function of the human brain that makes chocolate cake so irresistible and in spring time when a man's thoughts turns to fancy at the sight of some cleavage. Dopamine is the motivator. Or maybe it's the quest for the results of such biochemistry that gets us off our arses to do anything. For me there must be something stimulation about writing or I sure wouldn't be sitting here pounding on the keyboard. But if it wasn't for a certain imbalance in our human anatomy we'd all be laying dead in some cave somewhere starved to death. Even the very act of breathing requires an offset. Did you know that if we were to breath pure oxygen we would die? Our body would become balanced and not take another breath.

This too is tied to our obsessions with obsession. If one is good then one hundred or one thousand must be better right? At some point our feeble bodies start to say enough is enough. "Keep up that obsession and I'm going to hurt you." Illegal drugs? Ha that's nothing compared to to what the doctor can prescribe. Drug Lords have nothing compared to the profits of Big Pharma. What's that you say? Not your cup of tea? Well the doctor has a pill for that you know because after all you can't go home empty handed. Just be sure to read the side effects.

Now excuse me while I stop. I "need" another cup of coffee because I'm running out of ideas here. :-)


The Blog Fodder said...

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. Mae West.
The human body is a marvelous machine - it all runs on chemistry. Every thought, emotion, action, remembrance is chemistry. Just blows me away.
Obsession? Too many to list.

BBC said...

I read an article about why we have brain farts and they listed the top five reasons. I guess number six would be cleavage.

Randal Graves said...

Dopaman Dopaman!

I'm not telling you my obsessions. Wait until I get a Facebook page, post them, and Zuckerberg sells them to a marketing company.

Demeur said...

If that happens Randal I want royalties out of the deal.

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Christine said...

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