Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ode to political swings

Is the pendulum swinging back the other way finally? After the tea bagger assault on congress the last election cycle are voters finally waking up to the fact that those boys and girls that they sent to congress don't have our best interests at heart? Pennsylvania that "swing" state that moves like a grandfather clock has just dumped two conserva Dems. Couple this with the folks in Wisconsin about set to dump some extremist republicans and we may be seeing a trend. These are somewhat anicdotal examples as the race for power is still in the early stages. We have after all just gone through the most extreme conservative primary on record. Sorry guys the bulk of the American populace is not really that crazy, oft times stupid but never that extreme.
Conservadems loss

It makes one wonder then is this some diabolical plot cooked up by the corporate insiders? I speak of the ones almost never seen in headline news but somehow making it to those G summits and closed door get togethers where the primary goal is to protect Swiss bank accounts. With the lack of transparency we know that such powers are playing both sides of the political spectrum. But will the shift come swiftly as the nation is waking up to the fact that one party does not serve its' interests but those of its' corporate masters. And who in their right mind would vote for an ideology akin to a torturer? Thought the Marqis de Sade was long dead.

But here we have it. A party so void of real constructive ideas that it's down to name calling. And what group, what gender haven't they insulted over the last year? Oh that's right the "job creators" who still after all the cash and tax breaks bestowed on them continue to lay off staffs and close factories because it's cheaper and more profitable to produce over seas. Those smaller companies left that are hiring do so at a loss to wages and benefits. Can't afford the new health care coverage Mr. Employer? But you had no problem covering the private school for your kids or the new fishing boat you just bought. And I'll bet your pure bred mutt gets better vet care than one of your workers.

Should the other side of the aisle get hijacked by corporate powers it will be interesting to see how they can spin the message. There's only so many ways to present a position and make your idea look good. As for Mr Raw Money it's obvious he won't win. His own party doesn't like him but who do they have left left to run? Their enthusiasm for him is apparent in the fact that only 10% of their party came out to vote in the primaries and from what's been reported they are in an organizational mess. But keep an eye on the sate and national senate and congressional races. That's where the real power shift will occur.


Randal Graves said...

That election thing still going on?

BBC said...

Randal is amusing, there's always election things going on in this stupid country, and that's one of the problems.

So, India, the biggest democracy on this rock, has six recognized political parties and I see no improvement there, meaning I don't think a third party here would be of any help.

Up in Alberta they have a party called the Wildrose party, at least it's a cute name.

Demeur said...

Just watch out for the thorns.

BBC said...

I think the word should be changed from politics to chaos.

Demeur said...

Oh it's getting there Billy just give it time.