Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not nice to fool mother nature

An bit busy yesterday dealing with contractors and meetings and such.

Weather is such a fickle thing. Just when you think you have a handle on it it changes its' mind and throws a curve ball. That however should be expected considering what we're doing to this planet. As one climatologist put it we're seeing weather extremes because we're pumping more energy into the system than ever before. That should be obvious considering we now have another billion people that weren't here just a decade or so ago. Add to that the amount of factories, cars and coal fired power plants and you get the beginnings of major changes. For our scientists it's no easy task to chart those changes. We've had over 200 extreme weather events so far this year. This isn't just about co2 either. And I love how Michelle Bachmann tells us that co2 is harmless. Okay then lady we'll put you in a room full of it and see how long you survive.

I know the effort it takes to demo a house with a back hoe which can be done in a few hours but can't imagine the force that can flatten it in a few seconds. I look in awe of the photo of the tractor trailer being flung 100 ft in the air like it was a toy. Even empty they weight a couple of tons. But somehow we think we can fool mother nature like she's some parent who's gone out of the room and we can just do as we please. Unlike todays' parents she'll be back with the belt and there'll be no reprieve or time out for us. It's not nice to try and fool mother nature.
What can we expect going forward? By our scientists who study this subject we can expect droughts in some places with torrential rains in others. Snow where there was rarely snow. And warm weather in usually winter months. Look no farther than Canada with its' unusually warm weather this year along with the same for the upper great lakes region. Even here in the northwest I've noticed our rains are no longer a simple mist but more gully washers have graced our presents. I've seen it rain so hard here on occasion that it overflowed the roof gutters something you'd expect to see in Georgia or Florida.

No I think we're in for some ugly times ahead weather wise but exactly who will get the brunt of it is anyones' guess. If things are beginning to get bad now imagine what they'll be in 10 years with another billion on the planet and no actions taken to even slow the trend. It seems that we are constantly trying to fight nature when we should try and seek a harmony with it.


Anonymous said...

Man you're really reaching back with that one Mr DeMeur!

But truer words were never spaken.

It's NOT nice to(try to)fool Mutha Natural!

BBC said...

Even empty they weight a couple of tons.

A Ford pickup weighs a couple of tons, an empty tractor and box trailer weighs over ten tons minimum.

Don't worry, nature will reduce our numbers to manageable levels again.

Randal Graves said...

Don't you all be trying to steal my fresh water.

Demeur said...

Much to your displeasure Billy no one was killed by these tornadoes.

Randal fresh water from lake Erie?