Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mint Raw Money

A thief a deadbeat and a religious wacko enter a political race. The deadbeat bounces a check for his entry fee. The wacko ran out of steam when everybody remembered what he was really like in years past. The thief remains as is always the case in these affairs. Rolling in the dough of other peoples' money and misery he flaunts his wealth and seems to think that he can appeal to people by telling them that they are the cause of all of today's problems when in fact it was the likes of the thief that's the root of the problem. Nothing like telling women they can get their health care elsewhere when you plan on defunding Planned Parenthood one of the primary places those less fortunate get their coverage. Mittens has never been to a "doc in the box". You know the place. It's the assembly line of medicine that's become the rage. One hundred dollars up front even before seeing a doctor and most times they'll try and send you to a specialist after they (usually an assistant in training) take your temp. and blood pressure. If you get more than 60 seconds with a doctor that speaks understandable english you're doing well. Or you get someone right out of med school less than top third of his class.
Mitt doesn't care about you. He's only in it for the power to make his Wall Street buddies richer. Look at his tax plan. He'll cut the top tax rates yet again (that is if they even pay anything now) and leave the bottom to fend for themselves. Oh you may see a scrap or two but it probably wouldn't cover the cost of a latte.
He reminds me of a bad used car salesman. Tells you one thing one minute then when you point out that the car has no wheels he'll tell you that's a benefit because it'll save on gas. And the white dress shirt and jeans doesn't make me think you're just one of the guys. That didn't work when I was in high school and that was a long time ago. A $10,000 bet? Would have been better if you had bet him you'd wear your mothers' wedding dress and mowed his lawn.
Have to wonder who's pulling the strings behind Raw Money. It's hard to disclose who his benefactors are with the current campaign laws. But one thing is for sure it isn't us. So we see the stripped down version of the republican party. They realize they can't win with a far right agenda so only time will tell when the great pivot will happen. May think he can shake the Etch a Sketch but with video archives he'll look like a street bum talking to himself. Sorry I know that's an insult to the mentally ill but I think you get the picture.

But here's a thought. Now that the "primary" is basically over why bother to even cast your ballot? The clown car is nearly empty after Huntsman and Cain and Bachmann and now Santorum have exited. Deadbeat Gingrich is nearly out and the only one left is Paul who hasn't made headline news since I can't remember when. Has Paul been able to pull off his sneaky end run game by stealing delegates behind everybody's back? Knowing how the party operates that's unlikely. Once they've made their pick it's everybody on board and you'd better salute it damn it. Just remember look no farther than the Palin nightmare to see how they roll. I'm sure the vetting process will involve an anal probe this time around. It's looking like nobody wants to take the physical for this VP position. Can you blame them?

Oops I did it again. In looking for a graphic to compliment this post I discover that casa de Demeur was in first place with not much else to choose from when googling the Mint Raw Money. An apology to Norman Goldman from whom I borrowed the term. Didn't even see an example of him graphically speaking.

Got so busy today forgot to post this. Oh well stay tuned for the usual Friday beaver shots.

And an update: The hard working Mrs. Raw Money had such a tough time of it with 5 yes f-i-v-e housekeepers. Tell that to the single moms who work outside and have to find childcare and raise a family. So to you boo whoo mrs got rocks.


Randal Graves said...

YOU try raising a bunch of kids with only five housekeepers. It's not like the gardener can help out, he has his own duties to perform, you heartless bastard.

The Blog Fodder said...

My late wife stayed home for 17 years and raised our kids and half the neighbourhood kids too. In those days we could afford it on one professional income. We couldn't do it today.

Anonymous said...